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Breaking it Down

Bit by bit, my therapist and I have been pulling apart my personality. Like a ball filled with hundreds of slip knots, gently—and some days not so gently—we tug at the strings and watch the ball fall apart, one knot at a time. The results are always the same. There is a moment of comprehension […]

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Dolor and Shadow Update

Good morning beautiful reader! *passes you a coffee of your choice*  Today, Dolor and Shadow has officially been released for one week. One typo has been reported and, last night, my editor and I scrambled, re-updating all the files for submission on Nook, Amazon, Smashwords, and the Print copy we are preparing through CreateSpace. This […]

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Macabre Romance?

Some thoughts I’ve been kicking around… Most of you…all of you…may have noticed the sudden evolution taking place with genre writing since authors went to indie. Indie publishing allows authors to break away from conforming genre titles like fantasy, romance, history, and sci-fi. Now, authors can create that “Gothic sci-fi historical fantasy romance murder mystery” […]

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