Chapter #5

So now I’m staring at the Logic Code.

Unsure of what to write. Waiting for my Story to form… I feel like I got a lot out of my head. And now there is nothing left to… I’m standing between the Now and Future. As if the Future is waiting for me to just “make it up and fill it in.” And every choice I make sends out a ripple.

So I sit and I think and I wait.

I won’t go on without my Imp King. I will only select the path that he is on. And I will not venture down the path unless the 12 Ethics are there. And I have to make a Choice. My life is all waiting on me to make a Choice.

The Ethical Path where he and I both live together happily ever after together, forever and always as immortal Gods that lead the world in Healing, Play, Theater, Laughter, Celebration, Song, and Jubilation… and Ethical Debauchery. Because the world needs to see what Ethical Love and Ethical Sex and Ethical Debauchery looks like.

I have been terrified of Manifesting the Future of my Imp King. He must be Free to choose always. And I feared that my Manifestations would violate his Freedom, but… I missed a logic line. I only choose the Ethical Path where he has consented to choose me. My Ethics are known. Their Laws are clear. I am upheld to serve them. I am HonorBound to preserve him. I cannot break them.

I want the Ethical Path where He and I both live together happily, ever after forever and always together as immortal Gods that lead the world in Healing, Play, Theater, Laughter, Celebration, Song, Jubilation, and Ethical Debauchery because the world needs to see what Ethical Love, Ethical Sex, and Ethical Debauchery looks like.

The world needs to see what else this world can be.

And this… This is all the work behind The Healing Garden. It is my Taj Majal that I built for him because… He made the last wish and gifted me the last gift. It was my turn to gift him with The Healing Garden. I poured all of our Love into The Healing Garden. It is our Creation and Child. It was built from the Love he passed into me that Healed me.

Love heals. Love… Heals. And So, I infused our Love, My Imp King’s and my Own into The Healing Garden so that all he come through The Garden and Alexandria will be healed by the Same Love and Healed me and also him. And then you and all the World. The Healing Garden breathes and moves with the Love of my Imp King and the Goddess Queen.

My Love, Dearest Love, Love of my Life, My King, My Lord, my Number #1, The Healing Garden was made for the World, Birthed from the Love of our Love.

But the Playground… The Playground is a Gift to you, my Love. You are the King and God of Imps after all. God of play, Ethical Debauchery, Sex, Wine, and Love.

The Playground… now that… That is for you my Love. I gift it unto you.

Boasting about Gifts and Good Deeds for Possession of Admiration and Prestige is Possession. But Hoarding the knowledge in secret to gain “browny points” with the Universe is also wrong. And… The Universe knows when you boast from Possession and when you speak from Love to set an example to others.

And Reciprocity is Powerful. Hiding your Gifting and your Generosity to “win favor with the Universe, is just as unethical as Boasting for Possession of Prestige. We need to set an example so that those who see it know what it looks like so they can mirror it because we all learn from Example and setting an example.

People need to see Gifting. They need to know how it’s done. They need to have a mentor teach them.

Gifting, Donations, and Philanthropic work is How you Connect with people. But more than that, It’s taking care of your Own. I am not ashamed of calling myself Ethical. I am not ashamed for setting a Visible example. God is not perfect. We all make mistakes. Mistakes are Learning and even Gods must learn.

Gods are just Ethic Skill Masters. And all can be as this also. Yes. You do gain great Power. But if you pursue the Ethics for Power, you will find nothing, but Possession.

If you pursue the Ethics for Love then you will find nothing, but Possession. Only those who pursue Ethics for the Ethics and Service to Mother Nature can access the Rewards of the Ethics.

Only those pursue Ethics for the desire to be a Good Person, God or Man, can obtain the Ethics and all of the rewards one finds there.

Only the pursuit of Education for Truth, Ethics for Truth, Ethics for Preserving your Self and Others will the Ethical Path be open unto you.

There are 12 Trials. And each Trial must be undergone three times. Only then can you obtain this place called Love and Home.

This is the Emotional Progression through the First Trial:

  • Responsibility
  • Boredom
  • Curiosity
  • Excitement
  • Courage
  • Vulnerability

The Courage to be Vulnerable. The Courage to overcome Fear. This is the First Trial.

If you desire this Pilgrimage, if you Seek the Ethical Path, The Healing Garden waits for you.

Triadic Healing outlines each and every step along the way.

Identify all of your Fears. The Formula is:

Want +> Desire +> Choose +> [Learn + Solve] +> Do = Power, Self-Authority, Autonomy, Confidence, Security, and Self-Control.

Self-Responsibility is key. If you have Possession that causes you to shun Self-Responsibility, you’ll need to address that Possession first. Head to my Narcissist Course. For now…

I need to manifest my Future.