Anna’s Playground

Oh… This. This… is what I live for.

Anna Imagination spends the majority of her time in Anna’s Playground (Encompassing all levels of Ethical Fun), The Philosopher’s Club (For the Ethical Leader and Philosopher), and The Devil’s Dungeon (Ethical Debauchery) as Satan’s Wife.

The Healing Garden’s 

Supercharged Holistic Healing backed by Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Physics The World’s Healing Community

The Philosopher’s Club

Where Healing and Differences are Celebrated

The Safe Space for anyone who seeks to live an Ethical Life.

The Healing-Centered Club and Respite for People who Prioritize Mental Health and Healing without the Mental Health Focus

All the High Class and Elegance of a Private Club all on Humbled Equal Footing.

Breaking down Expectations that Breed “Fake” and Embracing “Authentic Dichotomy”

100% of our profits go to the non-profit side of The Healing Garden where everyone can access Mental Health and Education FREE

Anna’s Story

I love Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation, but, during my Pilgrimage, the thought of doing these activities with people never appealed to me. When I *did* pursue events that I *did* enjoy (Like Dungeons & Dragons and Game Nights, Dinner Parties and Nude Resorts), the people I ended up mingling with were severely Mentally Ill and/or had not yet thought about their Mental Health, resulting in a heavily Toxic and *not* safe environment. For a Nudist and a Nonconformist, this is a very dangerous mix. 

I was starved for Mentally Healed and wellness-minded people, but wanted much more than just Healing Focused Events. I wanted to connect with like-minded people on their Pilgrimage without the constant focus on this Journey. I wanted a respite from the Pilgrimage. This was the core premise behind Anna’s Playground.

After my Pilgrimage, I desired a place to Celebrate. I desired an eternal party. More than ever, I wanted to provide a place for other Pilgrims to come in celebration in song, dance, merriment, and yes, Ethical Debauchery, in which they too could celebrate their victory.

A place where others could see that Debauchery was and is healthy when practiced Ethically.

Being a BDSM Mistress since 1995, I knew a thing or two about Debauchery. The Shadow Self, Imp’s and Demons, Kings and Queen’s. Power, Control, Choice, Authority. This too was my world.

*Her majesty cracks a smile at the corner of her mouth*

I am Satan’s Wife and The Devil’s Dungeon is my Dark Realm. The Pilgrimage teaches us very deeply that all parts of the Self are not to be denied, hence the need for The Ethics, of course. lol…

“Not knowing about the Ethics sends so many Good People back-against-the-wall in fear clinging to severe denial and avoidance because they *don’t* know where “that line is drawn.” What results is “The Forbidden Fruit Curse,” which is the Poisoned Fruit that leads to Possession.  Highly Dangerous. (Read more on The Forbidden Fruit Curse)

Anna’s Playground strategically guides Good and Ethical People into this World safely. Positive Sexuality and Positive Body Image is nurtured here.” – Anna Imagination

Within Anna’s Playground, Anna puts conscious effort into Ethical, Healthy events designed to prevent Trauma Bonding, Codependency, Emotional Flooding, and Trauma Dumping! Members all *know* that everyone there is healing, working to improve their mental health, or have healed.

Added with the House Rule “We do not ask about people’s pasts” and suddenly, this changes the Social Game for people who crave a Mentally Healthy community without the constant Mental Health Talk focus. 


The best part about The Healing Garden?

The Devil’s Dungeon within Anna’s Playground embraces the Shadow Self of The Pando. Anna’s playground provides Adults of all Lifestyles with a full menu of Options.

Community heals people. Role models and being exposed to a positive and healthy environment, heals people. And members within the Garden can rest easy knowing that everyone present has been vetted and provided with the same tools and resources to heal and grow, while also having the same unspoken agenda : We all want to be surrounded by good, Mentally Healthy people who prioritize Mental Health and Wellness without it being the core focus of our lives. 

So you can mingle, chat, date, make friends, network, and socialize knowing that the people in The Healing Garden are Actively Healing or have already Healed. 

The Law of Reflection is how Human People learn. We must *see* good, healthy examples to become good healthy people. No matter where you are in your Healing Journey, The Healing Garden provides the Mental Healthy Role Models you need to mirror Good, Healthy, Mental Living, expediting your Healing Journey! 

Healthy Exposure to The Mentally Healthy without the Trauma Dumping or Bonding.

Furthermore, this is the only community that offers and provides Classrooms and the DIY Mentally Nourishing Program to help you overcome common Social and Mental Obstacles like Social Anxiety, Adult Friendship Building, Trust, Discernment, Boundary Setting, Dating, Breaking The Ice, and Trauma Management all while knowing the Members you mingle with and build friendships with are also working on, or have successfully learned the same Social and Mental Skills!

No more worrying about what Mental Illness is hidden by a new romantic or friend interest down the road. 

Furthermore, our Healing Program is one-of-a-kind. 

Triadic Healing and the AIDNS within The Playground 

Every member receives Anna’s DIY Triadic Healing and the AIDNS with Membership. Fused with Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Physics, Anna’s Triadic Healing is the Program she built for herself using her 30+ Years Applied Mastery in Logic, Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Ontology. 

With Membership, people get the full DIY Triadic Healing and AIDNS Program in addition to the Access to Anna’s Masterclasses not available anywhere else. In addition, her Healing Resorts, Events, and Getaways provide the Dream Sanctuary and Environment you need to “start over” or simply build on the existing networks you have. 

Welcome to The Healing Garden!

Unleash your Inner Child

Ethics and Mental Health are what are Prioritized here. Your Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth and your skills of Mental Health Management are the only determining factors of a person’s Value and Qualities within Anna’s Playground.


Welcome to

The Philosopher’s Club

The Heal-And-Grow-With-You Community

Sunshine Imagination Adventures

Where Dreams and Passions Rule

Below are the upcoming Events and Plans for 2025, Live in New York City.

The best way to get into Anna’s Playground is to join Pando or The Healing Garden Newsletter.


1 – Pay Per Event – Full Price – Rat Race Escape (Non-Membership)

Rehabilitation Levels and Programs are available.

  • 21+ Required – All Perspectives are Welcome – No Evaluation and no Filtering Required
  • Open Door Policy
  • Events
  • Online Social Warm Ups
  • No “Overnight” Events allowed


2 – Gold Members Pay Per Event with Early Bird and Discounts – Part Time Membership

“Read the Requirements” – $350/month, 3 month contract is $1000, 6 month contract is $2000, 1 year contract is $4000


    • 21+ Required and 5+ Perspectives ONLY
    • Events
    • Online Social Warm Ups
    • (No “Overnight” Events allowed)
  • 3 Month Trial Vetting
  • Find-A-Friend Scavenger Hunt Unlocked
  • Access to Anna’s “Philosophy-Based Holistic Healing Series” Unlocked
  • Access to The Classroom Series Unlocked
  • Includes Triadic Healing and The AIDNS Unlocked
  • The Healing Garden Summit Quarterly Event Discount Unlocked


Anna’s Playground

Where Adults learn to Live Through Play

High-Class Sophistication all on Humbled Equal Footing.


3 – Platinum Members 24/7 – Full Time Membership

“Read the Requirements” – $550/month, 3 month contract is $1600, 6 month contract is $3000, 1 year contract is $6000

    • 21+ Required and 7+ Perspectives ONLY
    • Events
    • Find-A-Friend Scavenger Hunt
    • Access to Anna’s “Philosophy-Based Holistic Healing Series”
    • Access to The Classroom Series
    • Includes DIY Triadic Healing and The AIDNS
    • The Healing Garden Summit Quarterly Event Discount
  • Vetting Required (3 Month Trial Period REQUIRED)
  • Option to be added to our Who’s Who Catalog with Warm Introductions Unlocked
  • G-Rated Co-conformity Events Unlocked
  • Access to The Captain’s Log Unlocked
  • Overnight Events Unlocked
  • The Philosopher’s Book Club Unlocked
  • Public Event Hosting Options for Members in NYC Unlocked
  • Occasional Guest Appearance by Anna Imagination Unlocked


4 – Diamond – International Membership (Anna Access) – $1000/month, 3 month contract is $2750, 6 month contract is $5600, 1 year contract is $11,000


    • 21+ Required and 7+ Perspectives ONLY
    • Events
    • Find-A-Friend Scavenger Hunt
    • Access to Anna’s “Philosophy-Based Holistic Healing Series”
    • Access to The Classroom Series
    • Includes DIY Triadic Healing and The AIDNS
    • The Healing Garden Summit Quarterly Event Discount
    • Vetting Required (1 Year Trial Period Required)
    • Option to be added to our Who’s Who Catalog with Warm Introductions
    • Access to the Captain’s Log
    • Overnight Events Permitted
    • The Philosopher’s Book Club
    • Public Event Hosting Options for Members
  • Triadic Healing and AIDNS Alumni ONLY
  • Dinner and Philosophy With Anna Unlocked
  • Anna’s Lounge Unlocked
  • X-Rated Nonconformist Events Unlocked
  • Field Trips For Adults Unlocked
    • Zen BDSM Classes Unlocked
  • Private Event Hosting Options for Members in NYC Unlocked
  • Casual Pop-In-and-Lounge Access for Members Unlocked
  • Annual Triadic Healing Alumni International Event Unlocked



NOTE: We have a “Trial Period” during our Vetting where people are Observed, Emotionally Evaluated, and Watched for Behavior. This trial period is required for those who want to access our Platinum or Diamond Memberships. 


You and The Shadow Self Series


How we are Different: “The Dating App for people with Social Anxiety”

  • Our Vetting is based on an Ontological-Based Algorithm
  • “Break The Ice” Chat Group and Catalog
  • Learn how to Socialize and End Social Anxiety WHILE you End Social Anxiety
  • Bio “Dating App” styled In-Real-Life
  • “Pre-Meet” Networking Event – We help you arrange your Social Night with “Like-Minds” 
  • Includes DIY Triadic Healing and The AIDNS


Anna’s Personal Boundaries:  

  1. Anna is from “Everywhere and Nowhere”
  2. We do not ask Anna about her Family or her Past.
  3. Yes. Anna Sunshine Imagination is my real name. 
  4. Anna lives “In Character” as Goddess Imagination. She leaves it up to you to decide if she is a Story or Not.

There are many people who need to believe in Anna. Please Preserve and Protect the Perspectives of Others.

About Anna Imagination

Anna Speaks the Language “Abstractic.” Derived from Abstract > Native to the Abstract Plane.

Anna lived within the Abstract Plane from 1988 to 2015.

Abstractic gives Definition, Shape, and Comprehension to her Culture, Way of Life, Lifestyle, Mindset, and Reality. Abstractic allows Anna the vocabulary and tools she needs to communicate her ideas to others efficiently, smoothly, and with great ease. 

It is a conglomerate of British and American English with substantial roots in Logic, Classic Latin, and Classic Philosophy. The majority of Abstractic was Conceived during the Nomenclature of the 8th Perspective of the I of I.   

Anna lives… “Differently” than most people. Star Time, “Jobs,” and “Dating” rituals, practices, and questions do not apply to Authentic-Abstract Living. Anna grew up submerged in this Mindset and here, at Anna’s Playground, she preserves it, nurtures it, and shares it with others who seek to escape the “Other” Mindset.

Categories do not exist in Abstract Living. Here The Energy and Ethics (which exists without Gender, Sexuality, or Physical Traits) determines all.

Gender, Sexuality, Partner-Preferences do not exist past the 6th Perspective. At the 7th Perspective, the majority of people (Everyone?) becomes Gender-fluid, and the Energy Speaks. Anna is submerged so deeply into this mindset, that questions about her private life don’t make sense to her. If you want to see her confused while she tries to break down the comprehension of the labels, ask her. But don’t expect an answer that you’ve heard before.


What to Expect within Anna’s Playground

Anna’s Playground is a Mindset that was 100% formed outside of Time and The System. Anna’s Playground, The Healing Garden and Alexandria are all the spaces where this Mindset and Language is abundant.

You will find that many Members of Anna’s Playground speak Abstractic fluently. 

The moment you enter these walls, you stand in a different Culture. When in Rome… 

Members within Anna’s Playground are here to embrace Anna’s Mindset and escape the “Other System.” Anna’s Playground is a respite, a shelter, and a sanctuary for most. 

Some Members are here for a brief respite, others live and practice her mindset 24/7 with her. Be courteous, respectful, and mindful.  

This is a nonconformist and LGBTQIA+ safe space, but we also prefer to abandon all titles and labels. Here there is no need.  We don’t just tolerate. We celebrate our differences. 100% of everyone within this space is Healing or have Healed. 

YOU are responsible for managing your OWN boundaries and limitations by REMOVING YOURSELF from any and all uncomfortable situations.

We do not “Eggshell walk” for people who do not take responsibility for their own Self-Regulation. Manners are used with the Ethics to protect and preserve Personal Law and Personal Boundary.

The majority of people here are healed and/or are recovery Black Sheep who pulled themselves out of Suicide. Be mindful without walking on eggshells. YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OTHERS. 

To prevent Trauma Bonding, Trauma Dumping, Emotional Flooding, and Codependency, “Healing” is a topic Anna gently warns others to be mindful of. Talking about Healing, for some, is traumatic. Try to refrain unless you are in a Classroom setting. 

If you wish to know if someone is available to receive your sexual or romantic bids for connection, ask them directly “Are you available and open to receive my sexual and/or romantic bids for connection?” 

Power Economics and Emotional Transaction of Human Connection is what is preserved, protected, and nourished here.

“Are you married” does not “work” for poly people and also ignores a person’s Autonomy, denies their ability to deny your sexual/romantic attention, denies Self-Authority, and violates those who do NOT consent to sexual/romantic advances. “Are you married” is a personal question that a Stranger should not be asking. 

Some people are going through Divorce, difficult times, are recently separated. The Pear Ring Experiment is highly encouraged and used in The Healing Garden and Anna’s Playground. If you do not see The Pear Ring, then kindly assume you are “Friend Zoned.”  

“Are you married” is an intimate question that 4th Perspectives use to bypass rejection. It is STRICTLY banned for use within Anna’s Playground. “Are you married” is a Violating question that implies a person is property, and thus, “property” has no autonomy.

The things we say, comes often with a saturated “rape-slave-culture” tradition that is still mindlessly practiced today. 

Within Anna’s Playground, these things are not permitted. Our Language determines our Mindset. Be Mindful of the Language you are using to Cultivate your Mindset.


  • Anna’s Lounge (Casual Philosophical Discussions)
  • Field Trips For Adults
  • Slumber Parties For Adults
  • Anna Talks (Public Speaking with Q&A)

Explore the Unexplored

  • The Nerd
  • The Ethical Leader
  • The Pilgrim
  • The Hippie
  • The Nonconformist
  • The Theater-Goer and Art Lover
  • The Philosopher

Local NYC Events (Coming 2025)

Available for both the Conformist and the Nonconformist 

Some Events are “Dry” where no drugs or alcohol will be allowed

  • Dry, Alcohol, and Weed-Based Mixers are Available
  • Traditional and Nonconformist Events are Available
  • Bio “Dating App” styled In-Real-Life
  • “Pre-Meet” Networking Event – We help you arrange your Social Night with “Strangers” 
  • Adult Slumber Parties
  • Karaoke
  • Hosted/Catered Dinner Parties
  • An Evening Out (Dinner Parties)
  • Game Night
  • D&D
  • Movie Night
  • Picnics
  • Beaches
  • Broadway
  • Lincoln Center
  • Sex Parties
  • Nudists Events
  • A Night Out – On The Town
  • Healing-Based Events
  • Cuddle Puddles
  • Cruise Ship Retreats
  • Abroad Healing Resorts
  • NYC Local Spa Trips
  • LGBTQIA+ Themed Events 
  • Philosophy-Based Zen BDSM
  • Field Trips… For adults
  • Philosophy-Based Meditations
  • Philosophy-Based Reiki Healing
  • Philosophy-Based Havening
  • Philosophy-Based Sound Baths
  • Philosophy, Physics, and Healing… Ramp up your Healing