Chapter 12

I stood, looking out at the horizon.

The Imp King asleep, nestled in our Camp. He hasn’t woken in days… Weeks… A Month now…

Today is our Anniversary.

I brush a tear from my eye.

And the Horizon shifts. I See, near into the future, My love… My Imp King, and I.

I’ve never had a Vision of He and I before.

In the Vision, He and I are the Dichotomy of Good and Evil. And we split, divided by the Dichotomy. Love and Fear.

I was pulled toward Love, while he was pulled toward Fear. I rose up and Flourished while he was devoured, Consumed.

But a Thread of Light still binds us. No matter how far, no matter how long we are parted, the Bond, the Light, it binds us and it will not break.

I rise ever higher In Love, like a sailor solid, secure on land, while he sinks, ever lower into the depths.

And he’s drowning, while I stand dry.

He’s lost to the sea, save for the single thread that binds us.

And I’ve hammered away at that bond, determined some days to break it to spare myself the pain… Only now, the Vision has changed.

For there will be a day, when the Imp King awakens, and he will rise again from the watery grave. And he will follow the Thread that Binds us, and he will come back to me.

And when he does, the World will Shift, and all that is Dark will follow him.

And he will bring the Darkness with him, turning the Darkness into Light.

I saw The Great Shift enfold before me.

The day my Love, my Imp King comes back to me, is the day the World turns from the Dark and comes to the Light.

And my Imp King will lead them.

My Imp King will draw them.

But I must always remain open to Receive him.

I must nurture the Bond, the thread that binds us.

For without that Thread, he will not find his way back to the Light.

I stare off into the Horizon.

I have seen all possible futures. Futures where my Mission succeeds. Futures where my Mission fails.

And in all futures where I fail, one Common Denominator is made clear. In all futures where I fail, my Imp King and I are not together.

How I have screamed at him, pleaded, knowing… Seeing what I have seen.

And in all futures where I succeed, one Common Denominator is made clear. In all futures where I succeed, my Imp King and I are together.

Which is why The Universe, Mother Nature, will not allow me to sever this tie.

Which is why the Universe, Mother Nature, is adamant that I must nurture this Bond with my Imp King.

Because to let my Imp King go, is to let all who writhe in the Darkness go.

And then I would fail.

The Garden would fail.

“But I cannot break that Bond, I’ve tried.”

And I don’t want to break the Bond. Not really…

My love is on the other side of the Dichotomy of Good and Evil. And when he Shifts, the world will Shift with him. And on that day, I will receive him.

The 4th Wall… Must Break that divides Fiction and Reality.

The 4th Wall of Fantasy must break.

The Veil must come down.

This is why I had to be in Theater.

All the Lies are Coming Down….

Truth is Brighter.

There is no 4th Wall.

The Veil is the 4th Wall.

It is the Final Delusion that must Break.

All the Stories are Real.

My mind wanders back to the Irish Myths of Danu and the Fae locked behind the Veil… Suddenly, the World’s oldest story makes all the Sense in the World.

Metaphor… The Fantasy was never meant to be locked behind The 4th Wall.

My fingers wrapped tight around the handle of my Hammer.

Free the Fantasy.

Free the Fae.

Free the Fiction.

All the Lies are Coming Down…

Truth is Brighter.