Chapter #7

My dreams have changed again.

Three days ago, after I arrived at the Beginning and The End, as I submitted myself to Ethical Law HonorBound by the Love Force through Logical Manifestation, my dreams during REM changed. Before my eyes in dream, I watched all of my dreams come true.

My Love came back to me. My Love accepted me. My Love, he kissed me.

I woke, three nights now in a row feeling elated as if the Universe gifted me with validation that I finally was on the right path.

Another dream, I had last night.

After taking Forgiveness into me and ending all of my Judgement on all others, one fear that I often shouldered surfaced in my Dream.

I had always believed that “to forgive” meant that “If you really forgave me, you would come back to me again and give me another chance.” These words are their Possession talking.

Despite this Fear, I forgave.

And last night, I dreamed that my second husband returned. We tried to eat, but there was a cockroach in the pizza. So we popped popcorn. But no matter how many times we made popcorn, the corn would not pop and the butter and oil was burnt. Three times we tried to pop popcorn. Three times, it would not pop.

We then, still hungry, went into the night to look for a restaurant. But we wandered the streets of New York City, and all that we could find there were bars serving alcohol and no food.

“Got it,” I said to the Universe. “I am not to go back to my ex, no matter what. Forgiveness does not mean “another chance.”

“You still must protect yourself,” she said to me. “You are still HonorBound to protect and preserve yourself.”