“Tolkien meets Ken Follet” – Dolor and Shadow

“If Edgar Allan Poe wrote Lord of the Rings…” – Dolor and Shadow

“It’s The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy and Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.” – Broken Fire and Lies Broken Zombies From Space...And Vampires


Epic Fantasy

 Tales of the Drui Series Fire and Lies


The Letters (Romance)

Science Fiction > Post-Apocalypse > Parody

Zombies From Space Series

Zombies From Space...And Vampires





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The Author Recommends…

If you like vast sweeping fantasy novels with complex webbing entwined in Norse and Celtic myth, you may enjoy… Fire and Lies

If you are a mature reader and are looking for a mind fuck, something that will flip you on your ass and leave you changed, horrified, and/or speechless, you may enjoy…


If you’re looking for a light stupid read that mocks the vampire/zombie pop culture of our day…If you like Bruce Campbell, B-films, or ludicrous illogical garbage, you may enjoy…

Zombies From Space...And Vampires

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