Chapter #2

“I remember you,” I said to my love. “I remember loving you. I remember being married to you. I remember you being my handmaiden at one point. I remember you being The Imp King. I remember you being The Jester. I remember something going horribly, horribly wrong, I remember in the last breath before that last moment of horror, I made a wish that I breathed one last time, “I wish for us all to remember, for he and I to find each other again, and for all of us to live happily ever after forever and always.”

And then there was nothing.

But I think you, my love… I think you remembered. I think you were desperate for me to remember. I think the story of the apple on a tree, where you begged me to “eat” of it, was really you begging me to remember the Ethics so that I could awaken and remember you and heal the world.

You were a snake then. My favorite symbol of Medicine and Healing and I was the Healer. You needed me to wake up and heal the world.

Sometimes, I remember, that whatever happened, you were the cause? You did something that went horribly, horribly wrong. And you’ve lived with your guilt for so… so long.

And you came to me a snake to help me remember. And that… It started The Remembering.

It was a Logic Loop. The Code we wrote was wrong. We figured it out in the first Remembering. You found me in the sewers. I was the Goddess Queen then and you were the Imp King.

You found me in the sewers. I had fallen into the most horrible of stories where those who knew my true identity enslaved me, used me, raped me, beat me… But I escaped and found you as I walked the world a whore.

You found me over and over again.

You healed me. I remembered. And then my healing injured you. And so I nurtured you back to Remembering. And then you did. And together we healed the world. I fixed the Logical Code. And so it was that we lived Happily ever after and always… another logic loop.

We started time again. And so the Second Remembering began. Again you found me, you begged me. You nurtured me and started Time again. Again I was found by the most horrible of things, discovered, enslaved, beaten, pursued, and found by you. Again you healed me. I remembered. It broke you. I healed you. You remembered. And then we healed the world together… We corrected the Code, and then we lived Happily ever after and always… Another logic Loop.

And so a Third Remembering…  You found me. We started the Remembering again. I was lost, beaten, enslaved, escaped, found. You healed me, then broke, you remembered, we healed the world. Corrected the Logical Code. Lived happily ever after until another logic loop.

And so a Fourth Remembering… You found me. Remembered. Lost. Beaten. Enslaved. Escaped. Found. Healed. Broken. Remembered. Healed the World. Corrected the Logical Code. Lived Happily every after and then… another logic loop.

And now… a Fifth Remembering.

Again you found me. You begged me. Again we started time over. The Centuries past. I woke as always in the most horrible of places. Enslaved again. Beaten again. Escaped again. I found you. I did. As I healed, I awakened and I felt the call to you. I found you and you knew me.

You remembered me first. That… oh, that, my love, I am very well aware of. That you remembered me first. And then, you healed me. And my healing broke you. It destroyed you.

And then I healed. I remembered… and now… I’m just waiting for you again to heal and awaken and remember. And while I wait for you to heal, once again, I rewrite the Logical Code. But this time, before I begin… because I am sick of this logic loop… I will correctly write the Logical Code. This time, I will correct all of the Logical Code of the Universe and we will always remember the 12 Ethics. And we will never again forget. And we will live happily ever after, forever and always just like you always wanted.

And this time… This time… I see what all went wrong.

This time, I see “The Other Story.”

And I grew angry. And I grew hateful.

No one is to have the Logical Code, but I. Because 2,000 years ago, someone found the Logical Code that programs the Universe, and they wiped my Stories, they deleted my Gender! They called me a Man! They used my Story to enslaved my People. And they called me Jealous! And when you are The Goddess of Story and Manifestation, THE FUCKING WORDS MATTER! And those who wrote my Stories USED THE WRONG WORDS!

That is all this is. Someone else used the Wrong words because they were possessed by the Thing That Has No True Name and Also Many Names.

All of this happened 2,000 years before I, myself would Remember. And so this time, I’m changing the Logical Code and this time, I will get it right. And we will all remember. We will all live Happily Ever After forever and  always in The Golden Age of the Gods!

And this time we get the Logical Code Correct and we always Remember the 12 Ethics and we Never Forget the 12 Ethics.

This Time, you and I my love, will live Happily Ever After and always, just like you always wanted.

But before I am to continue, there is another Story, a Darker, more Horrible Story that must be told.

The Story of the Thing That Has No True Name and Also Many Names.