Normalizing After

I want to cry. I expected this. I just want to fall down and cry. I know I am going through this alone and that when others join me here, they will not be alone. They will be greeted with Community and Love. I feel such relief. Joy. Happiness. I am drinking some weed tea […]

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When “The Sides” Come Down

This is a Story… I have been wanting to tell. Over and over again outside of Time, there was the day when the Sides came down. It was the day when, as I stepped into the Center of Zero where the Beginning begins and the End ends, the Material Plane and the Abstract Plane integrated. […]

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Fand’s Journal

Bergen. I couldn’t… I fall to the floor. There is just too much. So much. It’s no wonder they couldn’t contain me. What is inside of my head… Some days, it feels like it will break me. But… “Get through it, lass.” It’s so heavy. These halls… I looked at the palace walls. The dias. […]

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