Fand’s Journal

Bergen. I couldn’t… I fall to the floor. There is just too much. So much. It’s no wonder they couldn’t contain me. What is inside of my head… Some days, it feels like it will break me. But… “Get through it, lass.” It’s so heavy. These halls… I looked at the palace walls. The dias. […]

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My Woven Magic

This world always felt more real to me… My Imp told me to write. He was right. I have not walked these halls since… I was Joanna then. This world was Joanna’s world. So long ago. I was someone different then. I am building a City now. I’m Anna. Anna Imagination. Bergen is… He’s still […]

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Former About Me

I believe in going back to old words and seeing where I once was to help me reflect on how far I have come. The words here no longer represent me, but they once did, and I am hesitant to “delete” and “deny” who I was. That practice is what broke my mind. I am […]

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