Chapter 9 : “Lost In Translation : A Documentary about how we all fucked up the world because we can’t communicate.”

The Goddess Queen, she wanders the Hall. The Goddess Queen, she wanders The Mind.

On my throne, I sit and stare out upon my Empire.

How do I begin to explain all that I have done? How do I begin to explain, in this life alone, all that I have overcome? How do I begin to explain what it was I found yesterday?

Within the Abstract, Ethics rule here. There is no other way. If there is no known Ethical Path, progress is not made. So I sit and I think of a way.

My Imp King stares out the window. His back to me. I don’t know if he’s thinking or forgetting.

The words.

Story is the Universal Language. It is the only way that I can talk to all of you.

This is the Story of how we all…

I stop in my story. And something new comes to mind.

I stopped and looked at you, dear reader.

“Story has been done before,” I said. “And we all missed it. You missed it. I missed it. Story is not what will work. We’ve shown you story and you think it’s “just a story.”

No. No it is not.” Maybe it’s time I Tell you a story.”

I snapped my fingers and the Abstract ended. I stepped into the Pages of this Book and erased the scene. You gaze upon black words on white screen or page.

You’ve never seen this before, have you? It’s just black words on a page. That is because I need you deeply seated in the Material Plane of your Reality for this. No imagination.

“Hello,” I say. “I am Angela B. Chrysler and I have a message that I am to deliver to you. To all of us. This is an old message that many, MANY people have been trying to get to you, to us, to the world, to all of you… But we all have missed it.

If this was a Movie, I would call it, “Lost In Translation : A Documentary about how we all fucked up the world because we can’t communicate.” But if I tell you in story just as every one else before me has, then, once more, everyone will think “This is just a story.”

And it’s not. It’s real. It’s a Documentary.

T.S. Elliot, Ayn Rand, Arthur C. Clark, Stephen Spielberg, Lewis Carol, Jonathan Swift, Christ, Nietzsche, and Douglas Adams all have tried to communicate with you. And not one of you has heard the message. Not even me. Not at first. It took me a long, long time (40 years) to hear them.

All of them, “Asked the right question.” (Thank you, Douglas.)

And every one of us came up with the same answer.

The right question is “How do I communicate this message to the world?”

And the answer is the same. “Story.”

So they all told a story.

And everyone read their stories and said, “That’s nice!”

Actually, these stories, the ones THEY wrote… everyone one read them and said, “I couldn’t figure them out.” Many people argued, “What the fuck does it mean?”

“I hate Cats.”

Many people analyzed these 5 stories.

No one was right.

Not one.

I know because I now have THE SAME MESSAGE just like they did. I have to write or sing or dance or perform… But just as before, their message was lost… And I CANNOT AFFORD TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN BECAUSE THE WORLD IS DYING!

And the situation is now DIRE.

That is when I realized, “How do I communicate this message to the world?” is not the Right question.

The RIGHT question is “How do I communicate this message to the world so that EVERYONE WHO LISTENS CAN UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE?”

Now… I have the right question. Thank you, Douglas.

In 1980 something, Joseph Campbell was interviewed for “The Power of Myth.”

Now… he Told a Story as a Documentary, but he did not have “The Message.” he had a fraction of the message. one single piece.

But people listened and now everyone is talking about Campbell’s “The Hero Story.” In the Material Plane.

I cannot bring you into The Abstract. You will not hear it properly from the Abstract. You have to hear the Story from the Material Plane. That is the only way a person can communicate with someone in the Material Plane.

So I had to learn YOUR language. But I only spoke Abstract for a very, VERY long time.

So… I believe Campbell had it right. Story is how we all communicate. But you need to hear the Story in the Material Plane.

So this is the first “True Story” being told in the Material Plane straight from the Abstract Plane.

But… I am different. I am not “Show” you my story. I am to TELL you my story. Just as Joseph Campbell did.

Because, when an Author Shows you the Story, the reader gets swept away to the Abstract.

Look at the black letters and words upon the white page. It is important that you stay in the Material World for this

I need you to stay Grounded as you listen to me. Because I am the Translator for T.S. Elliot, Ayn Rand, Arthur C. Clark, Stephen Spielberg, Lewis Carol, Jonathan Swift, Christ, Nietzsche, and Douglas Adams because I am the only one in the world who can speak Abstractic and translate “The Message” to you.

Our words are VERY powerful. So powerful that just in choosing my words, I can adjust your Vision, your Mindset, your Beliefs, and your Perspective. Just by choosing my words.

Does this scare you? It should. Except, I am Ethically bound to protect you.

However, this is a skill that people can do without the knowledge. This power of Mind Control, Vision Control, Perspective Control, belief Control… anyone can do it. EVERYONE does do it to EVERYBODY without ANY AWARENESS.

Does that scare you? Because it should.

I need you to look at this point right here. I need you to focus all of your attention and understanding right here. Because Ayn Rand tried to tell you this in Atlas Shrugged, and no one heard her. T.S. Elliott tried to tell everyone this in Cats… and no one heard him. Stephen Spielberg, that poor man, has been trying to tell you all of this since Close Encounters of The Third Kind… and NO ONE “got it.” Ready Player One was him SCREAMING AT US, because we ignored Indiana Jones, Jaws, Super 8… We all just said, “that’s a fucking awesome movie!”

And still, no one heard him.

Arthur C. Clarke tried to tell you this in 2001 : A Space Odyssey, Nietzsche… spoke literal Truth in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and he failed.

Fiction does not exist. Fiction is just Metaphor for Reality. But Concrete Thinkers and Literal cannot understand Metaphor, so they invented the concept of “Fiction.” Which is a Blinder to The Message.

When you read or listen you are allowing someone to CHANGE YOUR MIND.

When you talk or write, you are CHANGING SOMEONE’S MIND.

And you are all doing this and having it done to you without your even knowing it or your consent.


This is the Message they were ALL trying to say to you.

Now… You’re hearing my message and you might be thinking, “What the fuck!? Cats!? That garbage!?”


That if you have the RIGHT WORDS you can change a Mind. You can OPEN it up, and FREE YOU. Or enslave you. And your MIND has been ENSLAVED. THAT is the message. YOUR MIND IS ENSLAVED. And you don’t even know it. So T.S. Elliot, Ayn Rand, Arthur C. Clark, Stephen Spielberg, Lewis Carol, Jonathan Swift, Christ, Nietzsche, and Douglas Adams all tried to  FREE YOUR MIND.

And they failed.

What they gave you was the INSTRUCTIONS on how to free your mind. But they failed to deliver THIS message because they asked the wrong question… just as I did. “How do I communicate the message?”


So, Like them, I started another Fiction story… But… I asked another question.

Why if T.S. Elliot, Ayn Rand, Arthur C. Clark, Stephen Spielberg, Lewis Carol, Jonathan Swift, Christ, Nietzsche, and Douglas Adams all the answer, then why was no one wiser? What did they do wrong?

Why did you not hear them?

The Solution was in the Movie Cats.

Yes. Cats.

Cats is what will save us.

All of us can now eat Humble Pie.

Embrace that 3rd Ethic. Humility. Cats.

“Jellicle Cats” is CODE for “ETHICAL MAN.”

Heavyside Layer is Code for “Kingdom of Heaven.”

Now. Go rewatch the film.

John Galt was an Ethical Man who built the Solution for The Motor. The Motor is our Ethics.

When you learn the Ethics, you will change exactly as if a Monolith comes down into the Dawn of Man and Shifts us into the next Perspective.

Lewis Carroll tried to show us what this would like with Alice in Wonderland. Jonathan Swift tried to show us what this would like in Gulliver’s Travels. Stephen Spielberg screamed at us to apply his Story to REAL LIFE. That his movies were examples of OUR SELVES.

And when you follow their instructions, which I call The 12 Ethics, what happens is you will become Zarathustra who will step down out of the mountains and say much like Moses, “I have a message.”

Just like T.S. Elliot, Ayn Rand, Arthur C. Clark, Stephen Spielberg, Lewis Carol, Jonathan Swift, Christ, Nietzsche, and Douglas Adams and now myself.

Only, the message is not “The Ten Commandments.” It is something else.

Nietzsche tried to say deliver the message and the best he could say was, “God is Dead.” What he was was trying to say was “WE are God.” Which is what Christ said when he said in 1 john Chapter 4 that “Any man who calls himself God is Love.”

But still the message was missed.

So before you hear THAT message, you need to hear another message.

So I need you to look right here. Right now. And listen with your Literal Mind.

Words are more powerful that you were ever taught. Than anyone of us could possibly imagine.

Words are so powerful that a person can ENSLAVE YOU without your knowledge. And they have.

They can USE WORDS to BLIND YOU to your own ENSLAVEMENT. And they have.




This should scare you because you need to GET SMART. You need to LEARN. And you need to UNDERSTAND.

And all the Great Genius have tried to explain this to you and you all missed it, because your SLAVE MASTERS BLINDED you to their MESSAGE.

Which is WHY you didn’t understand Cats. Or 2001 : Space Odyssey. Or Alice In Wonderland. Gulliver’s Travels. … Your ENSLAVED MIND wouldn’t even let you hear the stories properly.

Now I can free you. They tried to free you. They TRIED to tell you “That you are a slave,” but your slave masters would not let you listen. Because they know how to Weaponize words. This is WHY your education has been limited and controlled. So they can control your mind.

Now this is a choice. The Matrix is another “story” that is not fiction. This is your red pill (Consent and Accept your Freedom) and your blue pill (Just stop reading and walk away).

Fiction does not exist. Story is Reality told in Abstract Metaphor where people like T.S. Elliot, Ayn Rand, Arthur C. Clark, Stephen Spielberg, Lewis Carol, Jonathan Swift, Christ, Nietzsche, and Douglas Adams can and do hide this message.

If you want more information to make a better, more informed or wise decision then no. No. I can’t help you.

T.S. Elliot, Ayn Rand, Arthur C. Clark, Stephen Spielberg, Lewis Carol, Jonathan Swift, Christ, Nietzsche, and Douglas Adams have already told you. And you missed it. Joe vs. the Volcano.

The Truth is all over the place. Either you’re ready for this and you want your freedom (red pill) or you don’t. Make your choice and accept The Truth, or remain a mindless, obedient, slave and keep pretending that the Messages and Warnings of Masters and genius are “just cute little stories to entertain” you.


When you read this, you will see it everywhere. Exactly like Neo did.

You will require change. How much change depends on how much of a slave you are. Paranoia is common. Fear. Loss of Control. You will have to use The Self to Ground you in Truth and we have that all ready for you.

We do not just show you the Message and walk away.

All of the Masters gave you the instructions. The Healing Garden just translates it for you.

We get you through the entire process, all of it right to the end. But… the Journey ahead of you was shown to you in metaphor in The Neverending Story, in Pilgrim’s Progress, in Dante’s Inferno, In Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. In Lord of the Rings. You are taking the Ring to Mount Doom.

You know the journey you will accept. You watched all the movies and read all the books to prepare you for it.

Kurt Vonnegut laid it out to you in his “Story Formula.” The Cinderella Story is The Hero Journey. Fiction does not exist. It all was metaphorical for an Alternate Reality. And Ayn Rand’s Utopia in Atlas Shrugged… That was not a Utopia. It was an Alternative.

Just like Joseph Campbell, we show you what has always been there. The Hero Story.

But there is another story. The Villain’s Story.

And when you put the Hero Story together with the Villain’s Story, a Third Story is revealed. The Story of “Good” and “Evil.” The oldest Story in the World. Only, it’s real. It is very real… And you are losing. Because “Evil” is really Possession and the world is infested with it. Possession is your Slave Master. Possession is what owns you and what has blinded you to this message. And so Possession is winning. The “Good” are the 12 Ethics, which are the Ingredients to Love.

And that third story, The Story of Good and Evil, has the SOLUTION which T.S. Elliot, Ayn Rand, Arthur C. Clark, Stephen Spielberg, Lewis Carol, Jonathan Swift, Christ, Nietzsche, and Douglas Adams all buried in their stories.

But Possession has done such a great job using words to enslave your Mind that you all have completely missed the point. Over and over again… for 2,000 years.

Virgil already told you in 80 BCE, “Love Conquers all. Let us all too surrender to love.” And Love is the 12 Ethics… and you all missed it. Because Possession told you all that “Love” meant “Selfless Love.”

And that is a lie that your Slave Master told you. Self-Love is THE CURE.

My job is to bridge the gap between the Masters who have been trying to talk to you for 2,000 years so they can deliver their message to you. My job is to teach you THE LANGUAGE so you can FREE YOUR MIND.

But you gotta choose it. And there is no going back. But… Once you Free your Mind, you become IMMUNE to ALL ABUSE.

If you’re ready, here’s the red pill.