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The Psychology and Subconscious of the Fictional

The Psychology and Subconscious of the Fictional by Angela B. Chrysler A blank page. Endless possibilities stare back at the writer. They start with a character that stares back up at them—nameless, faceless, void of identity and gender. So the writer invents a face. A name is chosen (unless you are H.G.Wells), and with it […]

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Going Home

Well, today I awoke as a published author. It feels surreal, but only a little. 🙂 I spent the entire morning on Goodreads while Bergen handled himself on Facebook. Kallan and Rune were teamed up on Google+ where they took turns blasting each other with vile comments and tempers. Occasionally, Kallan fried Rune’s ass. Each […]

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For  you frequent visitors, you may have noticed by now the conversations I’ve had on guilt, emotion, ego, and Kolinahr. My husband mentioned shame yesterday and that got me thinking. As of right now, I don’t feel shame. I associate shame with manipulation and, so long as I don’t feel shame, others can not manipulate […]

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