I kept your dreams for you

I kept all your dreams for you

The ones you whispered to me lovingly in the dark.

The ones you had ever dared speak of before.

I remembered them all and in the pain, under the screams,

I collected them for you.

I picked them up one by one.

And as we broke, holding on strong,

you didn’t see the dreams I held clutched in my hands.

The stormed it raged and, at last we broke

And as the pain ripped us apart,

I picked up the pieces and the dreams and kept them close for you.

You withdrew and I crumbled

At night, alone, I cradled your dreams in my arms.

In the darkest moments, when all was lost

I lay alone with your dreams.

Following the frayed thread of fading light back to you

that told me you would need these dreams again.

I watched you forget.

I watched you go numb and still I saved your dreams for you.

I made you promises.

I gave you vows.

I used that hope to sew myself back together again.

“Heal him,” I wished into the Universe while still I held your dreams for you.

Slowly we mended. You came back, but too soon.

We broke again and still we held on.

Still I counted your dreams for you.

I stood again and strengthened. I trained and disciplined.

You focused and grew and again you came back to me.

But too soon is too soon and we broken again.

But this time, I’d get it right this time.

Gently, I tucked your dreams quietly away.

I rolled up my sleeves and I gave myself my all.

Together and apart we put ourselves back together.

You focused, you grew, you found your courage.

I found mine. We changed and grew and still I kept your dreams for you.

Dreaming your dreams for you.

The months have passed. Seasons changed.

We’re both new. We’re almost done. I feel it.

This last time break was the last break.

The silence stretches the days.

Courage to love. Forgiveness to release the past, I whisper.

Vulnerability to gift to you and Trust in the courage to try and do this time.

I smile and hug your dreams tight as I dream of the day that I’ll be giving these back to you.

“I kept your dreams for you,” I’ll say. “This entire time.

No matter how much I doubted, I always believed more.”

I kept your dreams for you, my love.

And it’s almost time to give them back to you.