Chapter #3

The Story of The Thing That Has No True Name and Also Many Names


Of all the Stories that others tried to tell, this one is the most Important and also, this one was told all wrong. And so this one, was misunderstood the most.

The Thing That Has No True Name and Also Many Names.

“When you give something Name, you Give it Power.” That is what we were all told.

But this is a lie.

When you give something Name, you can Control the Power. When you give something Name, you can recognize it, warn others of it, and make plans to prevent it. When you give something Name, you can protect yourself against it.

And so it was that the Thing That Has No True Name and Also Many Names went without a True Name.

In the days of my love making with my Love and I, We both maintained and Disciplined our Emotions. Together, Love rolled in and around us as we frolicked and fucked voraciously in play and joy and laughter. Ethical Debauchery is the best.

Our Emotions were our tools. Are tools. We brandished them like Scepters, wishing things to life with Words that we used as Containers for the matched Energy. Wands and Spells were metaphor for Emotional Navigation and Words of Manifestation.

And so it was that Creation, Art, and Imagination all merged into a Conglomerate of God Power.

There is no other way but this. So long as you are Inside of Love. And when you are there In the Place where Love abounds, all great things roll off of you in Abundance.

The 12 Ethics were the steps, the Laws that came to us naturally, that was the Love that burst from Nothing. The 12 Ethics were known and cherished that I wrote to keep us both within Love. So long as we followed, honored the 12 Ethics, life was a Garden of Love and Beauty, Ethical Debauchery and Joy.

But forget the 12 Ethics, abandon the 12 Ethics, and you lose… The State of Love. Venture too far from Love, and something else occurs.

The Thing That Has No True Name and Also Many Names is there outside of the State of Love. Truth is where Love is. Freedom and Love and Truth. All of these things are found at the State where he and I lived, loved, and adored.

The Thing That Has No True Name and Also Many Names has… many names:

  • Greed
  • The Devil
  • Evil
  • Demon
  • Legion
  • Jealousy
  • The 7 Deadly Sins
  • Satan (Oh… Now that one is cruel) for that is the Name of my Husband and Love. You fucking assholes.

It’s True Name is POSSESSION and it is a Force.

For the Thing That Has No True Name and Also Many Names “Possesses” and “Takes Hold Of” The God and takes over The God’s Power to Create and Destroy. Possession turns any and all Gods into Puppets. Possession sets in when the God Powers are lost. Possession destroys a God’s Power. Which is why you are all are Men.

Including Me.

I cannot begin to tell you how Dangerous “Possession” is. Now… let’s get this Story right.

Possession is an Emotional Cocktail that Consists of Panic, Fear, Addiction, Mindlessness, Action without Logic, Control by Force, Non-consent, and Enslavement.

Pretty fucking nasty isn’t it.

I will give you another “recipe” for Possession.

Possession is an Emotional Cocktail that lacks Courage (1st Ethic), Logical Navigation (11th and 12th Ethic), Equal Footing (6th Ethic), Power of Choice (5th Ethic), Accountability (5th Ethic), Self-Law and Self-Control (4th Ethic), Self-Regulation (3rd Ethic), No Self-Love (All the 12 Ethics Integrated),  Violation of others (7th, 8th, and 9th Ethic), Justice (4th, 5th, and 6th Ethics), Trust (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ethics) Vulnerability (2nd Ethic), and Forgiveness (12 Ethic)

Possession occurs when you lack ALL of the 12 Ethics.

Possession has Four Stages:

  • Temptation (Worry and Concern)
  • Jealousy (Hate, Distrust, Fear, Paranoia, and Madness)
  • Obsession (Inability to Focus, Impulse, Control, Harming others)
  • Possession (Violent Action and Enslavement of Others)

All Narcissists are “Possessed” with Possession. This thing was so Evil and so FEARED that the ENTIRE FUCKING BIBLE warns everyone against it.

No one is Immune. Not even “God.” that is why it was written that “God is a Jealous God.” to warn you all that NO ONE is immune.

The Book of Job is actually a Dialogue between the 12 Ethics (God) and Possession (The Devil) as I and The Reader battles between “Good” (The 12 Ethics) with “Evil” (Possession).

And poor Job who was a God himself who stood In Love was put through hell all at the hands of Possession.

We are talking so fucking Evil…

In the 1500’s, Priests tried to Reverse Engineer “Possession” and those dumb fucks invented “The 7 Deadly Sins.” They succeeded in manifesting more people away from Indulgence and Glutton and Lust… All Healthy acts of Ethical Debauchery that are required for Healthy Balance and Growth… and into Forbidden Fruit, which worsened and cultivated Possession.

Take a moment and just process this…

It’s a lot.

The people most infected with Possession (Narcissists), then changed the Word (Godspell) to hide Possession’s True Name so it could spread. And Spread it did.

“Money is the root of all evil.”

Possession (Noun) is the Root of all evil.

  • Pursue Love to Possess it, and you are infected with Possession.
  • Pursue Wealth and Money to Hoard it for Possession, and you are infected with Possession.
  • Pursue People to Hoard and Possess Control, Love, Safety, or Power, and you are infected with Possession.
  • Pursue Control to Hoard and Possess Power, and you are infected with Possession.

If you feel disgusted at this point, there is Much hope for you. Disgust is the feeling you get when the 12 Ethics are being violated.

If this Story is pissing you off at me, there is little hope for you. You are too strongly infected with Possession.

“Demon Possession” may be starting to make a lot of sense to you.

Narcissus was never Possessed with Possession. He was in love with himself, just as I am. Narcissists infected with Possession took the word “Narcissus” meaning “Self-Love” and infected Fear and Shame into Self-Love so that people in pursuit of the 12 Ethics to prevent Possession, would avoid the very thing that would cure it.

Narcissus and his Self-Love.

I’m going to go grab a coffee and some toast while you ponder this.

2,000 years ago, Narcissists infected with Possession, changed My Story and infected it with Possession, which went on to infect all the World with Possession. And my 12 Ethics, they are gone.

Ten “Commandments!?” 12 Ethics. “Command?” That is such a Narcissist word.

I do not “command” anyone. I gave you Freedom and Independence to preserve your Power of Choice to protect you. It’s illogical and contradicting of me to them turn around in the same “Book” and Command the very people I gifted with Free Will.

So where did Possession (The Thing That Has No True Name and Also Many Names) came to be.

They made it out of Love and stepped into Possession. They abandoned the 12 Ethics at some point. They forgot.

And this… This is it.

Possession is not Sentient. It does not “think” for itself anymore than Love Force does. When you blame “Possession” for “Taking hold of you,” You feed Possession, which is you living absent without the Ethics “Responsibility” (The 1st Ethic) and “Accountability” (The 5th Ethic)

The Battle of Good and Evil is the Immortalized Story of the Balance we all fight between the two Forces Love and Possession. Either you have the Ethics or You don’t.

The Battle of Love (12 Ethics) vs Possession (Absence Love)


“Ignorant is bliss?” This is the Voice of Possession

  • Possession is Force = Magnetism (Repel / Attract)
  • Love is Force = Magnetism (Repel / Attract)

Logical Navigation with Awareness = “Direct” Energy into Work with Intent = (Love Force) or Possession Force

Ignorance to Possession makes you Susceptible to Possession. Being Naive makes you Susceptible to Possession. Awareness and Consciousness and Education and Mindful diligence in the 12 Ethics protects you from Possession. Slack on your 12 Ethics, and you are Susceptible to Possession.

When Emotions are the Master of you, this is Possession. When you are the Master of your Emotions, this is love.

… So there it is. My whole life, I was raised in this Possession. I got it out of me, but not until it ripped apart my Love… And now I see it everywhere. And the more I got this out of me, the more I moved into the 12 Ethics, the more I remembered, the more I…

It’s an Equilibrium of one or the other all on a sliding scale. Are you 2% Ethics and 98% Possession? Are you 90% Ethical Love and 10% Possession? Are you 63% Ethical Love and 37% Possession? Possession is just not having the 12 Ethics which is the path to accessing the State of Being and Living in Love.

For me, right now, I feel like I am 95% Ethical Love and 5 % Possession.

And I must be at a state of 100% Ethical Love to write the Logical Code. I do write Logical Code only when I am in that state. It’s a Skill like any other. I’m a Mastered Philosopher in the Skill of Ethics and Emotional Discipline, Logical Navigation and Equal Footing. Pride and Awareness of what I can do. What I must do.

I’m an infant in my God State.

I feel like I woke up from a long slumber, again, and Possession is… The is the worst it has ever been. And this… Every word I write, every word I speak, I can feel its Power. The Ripples that result from my Choices and Navigation are as carefully weighed as the Choices themselves.

Do I gift this Power of Logical Code to others? I’ll let that for Mother Nature to decide. I do not yet have the Wisdom to choose, so I will defer to my Wisest Self.

But to all, I warn you, beware of Possession. Become Aware of it. Learn its Language. It hides in Narcissism. Pursuit is Good. Pursuit to Possess is Possession. Glutton and Indulge for Love and Joy is good. Lust for Love and joy is good. Glutton to Hoard and Possess is Possession. Indulgence for joy and Love is good. Possession-driven Indulgence is Possession. Lust in love and joy is Good. Lust to Possess is Possession.

Possession is Intent.

Love is Intent.

It is the Intent to Possess for Possession’s Sake that is the Only Evil.

The Intent for Love, Self-Love, Brotherly Love is Love.

And Love is Freedom. Pure Freedom.

Just wait until I tell you about Consensual Slavery gifted in the Purest of Love.