Dolor and Shadow Update

Good morning beautiful reader!

*passes you a coffee of your choice* 

Today, Dolor and Shadow has officially been released for one week. One typo has been reported and, last night, my editor and I scrambled, re-updating all the files for submission on Nook, Amazon, Smashwords, and the Print copy we are preparing through CreateSpace.

This is when I realized something. We are all human and there are always going to be errors in any book no matter how much you edit. I have a number of friends reading the book now who are scanning for errors and typos. They made it to page 193 before spotting the first. YEAH! Overall, this isn’t bad!

Then I conceived an idea! Why scramble? Why worry? Why expect perfection? This is the first edition! There are going to be some errors! So, here is what I have decided. On July 1st. I will be re-uploading all the files with applied corrections and changes! My illustrator is also redrawing the egg and he also wants to redo the map and add more definition. Those will be uploaded once they are in. This should give alpha-readers time enough to catch the missed typos and report them.

So, dear reader, if you come upon any typos, please…PLEASE…report them so I can fix what my beautiful editor and I missed. I will continue to upload revised/edited files on the first of every month until no more errors are reported!

As things stand right now, July 1st is the first (and hopefully last) revised update! Below is the contact form. Thank you!


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