“There are no wounds that words can’t heal.”

Anna “Imagination” is a Multiple. Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID aka Multiple Personality Disorder) she lives in New York City where she embraces Authentic Living and has learned how to balance life with her Alters.

Satan’s Wife is Kallan (AKA Mistress Anna) who runs and operates The Devil’s Dungeon. There, she teaches Zen BDSM: a mindful practice of BDSM that builds and strengthens confidence and self-acceptance.

Angela B. Chrysler is an award-nominated author who has recently returned to novel writing. Follow her on Twitter

In April 2022, Anna met her Alters, discovered that she herself was an Alter, and discovered her diagnoses of Multiple Personality Disorder. Today, she manages her condition through a unique lifestyle that allows her to validate all of her.