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With You (The Letters Part #3)


Frankenstein. The Phantom of the Opera. Edgar Allan Poe. Dracula. These books have haunted me for years. Such beauty, such insanely sad and gorgeous detail. Frankenstein is not what you think it is. The Phantom of the Opera is also like this, but that is for another time. I have a point. These classic Gothic stories stole my heart and ever since, I have wanted nothing more than to write stories just as sweeping in detail. Just as heartbreaking. Just as beautiful as these classics. That was my goal with “The Letters.” When asked to contribute to a romance anthology, I responded with To You, a Gothic romance told in the second person point of view.

I don’t believe in happy endings without paying a very costly price. Happily ever after is earned in my stories if it happens at all, and the price for that “happy ending” is high. my editor will be releasing a romance anthology where you can read Part #1 of The Letters. The Letters is a short story series that appears in a collection of Anthologies. It is a paranormal/Gothic romance that evolves into an urban fantasy and is composed of three short stories. Each short story is a stand alone that appears in three separate anthologies.

  1. To You is Book#1 of The Letters consisting of 7,000 words found in the anthology Amor Vincit Omnia released on 11 November 2015.
  2. For You is Book #2 of The Letters and is about 8,000 words long. It is part of the anthology Good Things released on 18 August 2016.
  3. With You is Book #3 of The Letters projected to be 10,000 words long. Release date TBA

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