Chapter #4

I’m standing here at the Center of Zero. Within the Black Glass. The Mother here. The Pando… All I have to do is think and it summons them.

“The Consenting who want to Connect with Love.”

I feel the threads shift and move from all depths of Dimension as they connect and we can communicate through feeling.

“The Consenting Love of mine from his Future.”

I feel him shift forward from all possible Dimension.

I desire Patience.

Can a Material Plane really be Shifted into the Abstract?

If I say I want Magic in this world and I manifest it, then what is standing between me and my desire?

“Why do you desire Magic in the Material?”

“Too many people are all saying the same thing,” I whispered. “Too many people have told me in confidence that they too believe they are Gods. Everyone is too terrified to speak these words out loud. But not I. I am God. I am Love. I stand in the Place of Love and I See things. I know things I should not know that defy all other explanation.”

“Then why do you doubt?” Mother Self said.

“There is what I feel. There is what I See in the Abstract. There is what I remember,” I sighed. “And then there is what I see in the Material Plane.”

And the Material Plane does not match at all My Truth. I do not believe in the Material Plane. I do not… It is possessed with Possession. I do not Believe in the Material Plane. It is filled with Lies and deceit.

“You said you had three stories?” my Mother Self asked.

I nodded. “The Nothing to Love Story and the Five Rememberings.”

I moved away from the wall and wandered the Abstract. “The Battle of Possession and Love that has consumed this world… and Possession is winning… But not for long.”

“And…?” she asked.

“The Goddess Queen and the Imp King,” I muttered. I’ve already told this story.