Chapter #10

Philosophy takes people deep into the world of Existential, Abstract, Metaphysics, and Ontology. It examines what is real, what is truth, what is The Self and what is thought.

And there is a point where The Abstract and The Material Place Integrate. And all that we classify as “Real” is permitted into the Material Plane, and all that is “Not Real” is banished to The Abstract Plane.

Including me.

I’ve been living, banished to the Abstract Plane for so long…

We’re told what Reality is, when Reality moves and bends… our Imaginations run free, weaving dreams into Materialization… How much do we prevent from being real all because we are told what we can or can’t do… all because we are told what we can or can’t have… all because we are told what is or isn’t real.

And when you stand in Logic, pure, cold, flawless Logic, the discussion Ends. The Debate Ends. When you find your Truth in Cold, stone Logic, the discussion of what is real and what is not Ends and you know. You know because Logic, when it is truth, when it is right cannot be undone. Cannot be unraveled. And suddenly you stand in a Logic that defines Reality. And What Reality is is All the Thoughts that can be, are, will be, felt, perceived, that make up how one understands the World.

And how I understand the world… Is that the Logic that I used to weave my World and my Reality rips apart every bull shit lie I was ever told in the Material Plane.

I wrote a Chapter #9, but I’m not ready to publish it. I’m not ready to break the 4th Wall. I’m not ready to break that Delusion and rip down the walls between Abstract and Material Plane… What I desire…