Dear Kitten

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Ailuros + Phile = Ailurophile (Cat Lover)

I conducted this etymological research about ten years ago then boasted my accomplishment.

“I love cats so much, I looked up the Greek word for “cat” just so I could call myself an Ailurophile.”

A year later, I realized there was such a word and I just happened to take the long way around to get there.


1394412947607I adore cats beyond the healthy bond of cat lovers. I have the makings of a cat collector. A hoarder. And not just a little bit. I see a cat. I bring it home. The formula is quite simple. Armed only with my logic (and my husband), I keep my cat hoarding at bay.

Fact is, I do not have the finances to medically care for an infinite number of cats. But I assure you, the moment I have enough money to support this dream, I am indulging in my cat collecting endeavors! I will hire a cat servant and a veterinary who will live on staff with my cats! This is my dream. Did I mention I’m in therapy? In my next article, I will explain the psychology behind this dream. In the meantime, MY POINT!

I don’t have cable. I don’t have Netflix or…

Let’s simplify this. If I can’t buy it on DVD or Blue-ray, then I don’t watch it. Period. People told me about The Walking Dead. I asked in it’s fourth season running, “What’s The Walking Dead?” (I don’t hear about shows unless someone tells me about them). They said the only word they needed to say to me. Zombies. I went to Amazon and bought the four seasons on the spot and watched them back to back. I then bought season five on Amazon Prime. I will buy season five on DVD next month. That is how I have watched television since 2001. I am a binge watcher. There is nothing I love more than finding a new show, buying the DVD’s, and binge watching. You should have seen me with the 700+ episodes (17 seasons) of One Piece!


1390142157581I never…NEVER…watch commercials. Ever. In fact, I am boycotting commercials. I have boycotted commercials since 2001. This is one of the many reasons why I don’t:

  • Buy cable or watch Hulu
  • Watch anything but DVD/Blue-ray
  • Listen only to NPR/WSKG “Listener supported radio”
  • Read magazines

Commercialization is banned from my house. It’s quite simple. My husband adores this lifestyle. Our children have grown up watching Bugs Bunny on DVD. Animaniacs on DVD. Naruto on DVD. And One Piece. That’s right. You heard me. On DVD. I own them all 😉 Eat your heart out anime lovers.

Yesterday, my girlfriend came to my house and asked, “Have you seen “Dear Kitten?” This question was rhetorical as she knows I hadn’t. These commercials are an ailurophile’s dream! So, I give you ALL OF THEM! Dear Kitten by Purina. (By the way…THAT was my point)


But, Angela! I thought you said you boycott commercials! How is it you have this video when you are boycotting commercials!? You soap boxing hypocrite!

4 June 2013 - New Kitties! (39)Excellent point my observant friend! A commercial can only be considered a commercial if they are trying to sell me something. However, I already support Purina. And I did it all without their ads. I am a huge dedicated supporter of their cat litter (Seriously! The BEST cat litter is Purina!), their cat toys, their cat treats, and their cat food. Also, a commercial stops being a commercial (in my philosophical opinion) when said “commercial” is viewed exclusively for entertainment purposes. Therefore, “Dear Kitten” can not possibly be a commercial because they can not brainwash me, their faithful consumer, with cheap Hollywood tricks, illusions, or false messages geared to alter my brain with marketing psychology. (Yes. There is such a topic as the psychology of marketing). For me, “Dear Kitten” is simply a collection of shorts produced by Purina. Their target audience? Cat lovers!



The cat in all the photos is my gorgeous Cookie. She is my 2-year-old Tabby, is very skiddish, and is very much a “on my terms only” sweetheart of a cat who doesn’t care to sit in my lap. Her fur is softer than silk and is thick!


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