The HMS Slush Brain: Debauched Voyages (Part 1)

One particular day around January 2015, four writers (myself included) came together and brainstormed one weird fantasy in a DM (Direct Message) on Twitter. What began as idle conversation over Star Trek, developed into one far-fetched D&D RPG fantasy. Enjoy!

  • The HMS Slush Brain: Debauched Voyages (Part 1) Previously Known as “Daryl Dixon: The Zany Boots – Part #1”

  • The HMS Slush Brain: Debauched Voyages (Part 2) Previously Known as “Daryl Dixon: the Zany Boots – Part #2”


C.L. Schneider: I enjoyed DS9 a lot. Every series had their own feel.

Angela B. Chrysler: I have one belief that still stands about Kirk.

Schneider: His shirts were pre-ripped so they tore easier ? :)

Chrysler: Kirk was the security guard who disguised himself as the captain because he KNEW what would happen to him if he wore the red shirt…Hence the round house kick of his…Spock was the Captain. – LMAO

Schneider: Lol

Chrysler: Spock knew it was logical to have a diversion going in so supported Kirk being the “captain.” So you see…when Spock high-jacked the Enterprise in the Menagerie, he really was commandeering his own ship!

Schneider: Wow. You’ve thought about this quite a bit I see

Chrysler: LOL…I have! IT FITS! Why else would a captain behave like a security guard!?

Schneider: I loved how every time he looked at a woman they softened the camera.

Chrysler: Yeeeeees! *ech! I loved the “another red planet”

Adam Dreece: Where were women like you guys when I was in high school!!

Chrysler: Heheheheeee…

Schneider: Drink up, Angela. So we can start procrastinating with some real energy!


Dreece: I found my geek girl in university, series of fate nudges

Chrysler: I’m sorry, Adam :(

Schneider: Under the bridge drinking beer, Adam. At least that’s where I was in high school :)

Chrysler: In another life, I’m convinced I’m donned in black leather, equipped with a set of swords and a bow, comic book (Iron Man) crammed in my back pocket with a Guinness in one hand and Star Trek episodes in the other while hunting zombies… AND I’M DOING IT WEARING THIS TIARA! I stop now and then to play D&D and watch anime :)  *Shhhh…be very quiet…I’m hunting dragons.

Schneider: Yes, I wasn’t meant for this time/place either. So I write about where I should be :)

Chrysler: Exactly! I have it! I just had a GREAT idea!

Schneider: Uh oh

Chrysler: No freaking clue what genre THIS would be, but I am writing a story about this group!

Schneider: Lol

Chrysler: Cindy, you are my kick-ass partner!

Schneider: Yay!!! I like this already

Chrysler: And we have to hunt dragons together in a steam punk world we know nothing about with Adam as our guide!

Dreece: *smiley smiley*

Chrysler: But wait, there’s more…

Dreece: My immune system in high school had me compared to Raistlin a lot. I still have my original D&D stuff & my comics, including Iron Man #1

Chrysler: Oh! Adam! *sigh* I love you.

Dreece: *grin*

Chrysler: I just composed “D&D lite” (which is a lot like D&D) #1 for my group

Dreece: One day I write a magic/fantasy. Unleash all that from childhood. Cool!

Chrysler: I lead/DM “The Brave and Thoroughly Fucked Adventurers” Haven’t played in a month and my group is getting antsy. I told them no more until Dolor and Shadow is with the editor. We are currently hunting for the 12 Eladrin stones in Turil to take down the Order.

(The Eladrin Stones are available to read here)

Dreece: Coollll

Chrysler: I love being in my 30’s and playing make believe. *GASP* I need to mix this with cosplay somehow!

Dreece: And then writing which is make believe

Schneider: I would love to take down the order. Bring it on!!!

Chrysler: I KNOW!!!

Dreece: What do you mean SOMEHOW?

Chrysler: LOL – The Order is led by my father who trained me to be an assassin but they don’t know that yet. I need to get some leather armor. Wow…I just realized…to pull off this cos-play, the ONLY thing I am missing is leather armor…heheheheheeeee. I even have the boooooots

Schneider: Lady, boots are my middle name

Chrysler: Etsy may have something for leather armor. My boots are kick ass. They need a name, they are so kick,,,*GASP* DARYL! I will call them Daryl! And Dixon!

Schneider: You’re calling your boots Daryl?

Chrysler: Yes I am, Cindy!

Schneider: Lol – I have this amazing black and purple cloak with an oak leaf clasp. Can I wear it?

Chrysler: Yes!

J.R. Swiger (Jeremy): I want to be an Assassin for the Order.

Chrysler: Yes, Jeremy! Most definitely!

Swiger: Gotta be the bad guy. It’s way more fun.

Chrysler: I am the rogue turned “questionable good.”

Schneider: Well forgive me if I get confused and suddenly start licking your boots.

Chrysler: *puffs out chest regally* very well…


To be Continued

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C.L. Schneider Epic Fantasy author of The Crown of Stones

Adam Dreece YA steampunk author of The Yellow Hoods

J.R. Swiger co-author of the steampunk series Like Clockwork

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