The HMS Slush Brain: Debauched Voyages (Part 2)

Schneider: If I was going to name an article of clothing Daryl- it wouldn’t be my boots 🙂

Chrysler: I see me standing there so cool like in my hero pose, and you’re on your hands and knees, licking my feet. That’s going in the book, Cindy.

Dreece: LOL!

Chrysler: LMAO

Schneider: Only if your feet are in the boots, my dear 🙂

Chrysler: They are. And my tiara MAKES this outfit!

Schneider: I want pigtails!

Chrysler: You will have anime pigtails. I’m writing this down guys. Claim your roles!

Schneider: I’m the quiet one 🙂

Chrysler: The quiet licker – LMFAO

Schneider: Ohhh yeah. You know me so well.

Dreece: Ah… The roles, the roles

Schneider: With the never ending wineskin

Dreece: This is my non-YA outlet, isn’t it?

Chrysler: Adam! Claim your part!

Swiger: No self-respecting rogue is loyal to anything other than money. 😉

Chrysler: LMAO – *evil wink* I know, JR

Schneider: Yeah I don’t think I belong in a YA

Chrysler: I don’t

Dreece: It’s okay, I’ve got it covered. *smileys*

Chrysler: Roles…I teeter between…everything that isn’t okay for children to watch

Dreece: I’m that sorcerer type that is roguish

Schneider: I don’t really teeter. I fell over the line a long time ago

Chrysler: ooooh!

Schneider: Roguish is awesome.

Dreece: Does read and study spells, sculpts the mana dressed in dark leather, red shirt, short hair. Intense look. Kinda of my Tuesday look from the sound of it, ha!

Chrysler: Got it! “Intense look” I’ll write that!

Schneider: I want a leather skirt and thigh high boots

Dreece: Razor wit

Schneider: Lol!! I love the intense look

Chrysler: Charming smile

Schneider: I can so see it

Chrysler: Adam will give Cindy an intense look while she licks “Daryl Dixon”

Schneider: LOL!!!!!!!!!

Chrysler: While Angela strikes the Superman pose. NO CAPES!

Schneider: Haha

Chrysler: “Adam will give Cindy an intense look while she licks “Daryl Dixon”” – ROFLMAO…. SO…SO FUNNY

Swiger: I suppose I’m more of the thief.

Chrysler: We need more people! More characters! Are you with us or against us, Jeremy!? Oh! You could be the bad guy we need to team up with!

Swiger: I enjoy the thrill of the heist. Moving through shadows unseen, leaving no trace I was ever there

Schneider: But don’t trust him

Chrysler: Heheheheee….I know just the thing. YOU will be the arch-nemesis of Adam

Swiger: I’ll be against you

Chrysler: Very well! But know this! All bad guys lose.

Swiger: I’ll kidnap Cindy and hold her for ransom 😉

Schneider: Yeah cuz I’m too busy licking Daryl to see you coming

Chrysler: No! How will my boots get clean!

Schneider: Lol!!

Swiger: See I already have a plan 😉

Schneider: Fine. I’ll be the ransom. Just don’t cut off my pig tails!


Chrysler: LOL

Schneider: LOL, Adam!!

Chrysler: I can see this!

Schneider: The next big graphic novel. “Adam stares bewildered with an intense look at the ground.”

Chrysler: “What is it, Adam?” He says nothing but holds up the never-ending wine skin.

Swiger: Pay the ransom and the pigtails won’t get hurt


Dreece: Starts twiddling fingers, wisps of colour (with a U baby!) start to swirl

Chrysler: Days later as we track down the trail to Jeremy’s secret secret-hideout Angela confides in Adam.

Chrysler: “I just…miss her snuggling my feet at night”

Swiger: Foot fettish connoisseurs will EAT IT UP

Dreece: “This demon I keep inside, it loves to go overboard.”

Chrysler: “I can still hear her…”Daryl…Daryl”

Schneider: I’m laughing so hard I can’t even type

Chrysler: “*SOB* It’s like she’s still here, Adam.” LMAO – THIS IS SO EPIC!!

The End


Check out the published works of C.L. Schneider, Adam Dreece, and J.R. Swiger

C.L. Schneider Epic Fantasy author of The Crown of Stones

Adam Dreece YA steampunk author of The Yellow Hoods

J.R. Swiger co-author of the steampunk series Like Clockwork


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