Interview with Monique Rangel

Monique Rangel just posted my interview! I love how well these two excerpts came out.

Tell us about your up and coming fantasy novel, Dolor and Shadow.
Dolor and Shadow is a dark fantasy that launches the Tales of the Drui series. It is about the elven witch Kallan, the Dokkalfar princess with magical powers so great she can destroy the gods (Celtic and Norse). The gods know this. Kallan doesn’t. To protect her, Kallan’s guardians—the Drui—suppress her magic and erases part of her memory. When Kallan’s father is killed, her enemy, King Rune, is framed and Kallan vows to kill him. But Kallan’s powers are growing and the Drui are no longer able to hide her. So begins the witch-hunt between Kallan and the gods. The hunt lands Kallan in the mountains of Midgard with none other than King Rune. If Rune and Kallan are to get back to Alfheim, they must learn to set aside their differences before their kingdoms are destroyed.


What do you think makes a good story?
Big rocks [laughing]. There is a quote writers love. “It isn’t enough that you put your character in a tree. Put them in a tree then throw rocks at them.” The quote means only one thing: Conflict drives plot. But chronic conflict, really drives a plot. Don’t just complicate a character’s life. Complicate their life then complicate it more. Don’t just have conflict. Curse them with chronic conflict. But, I think a good story is all about great characters…great characters who endure the chronic conflict.


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