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Fire and Lies: Snippet

One of my favorite Bergen moments…   “Do you have an aversion to clothes?” Kallan asked from her place against the ship’s wale. Standing upright, Bergen straightened his back, studying at her with a grin that pulled at his mouth. “Do you have an aversion to this?” Bergen gave a wave of his hand, implying […]

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Strong Enough

Ian: You have something to say. Elizabeth: Why you? Why does it have to be you? Ian: You chose me for this. I should be asking you, “Why me?” Elizabeth says nothing and stares out the window into the rain. “I want to be back in Ireland,” I said, and just like that, I was […]

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Excerpt: The Wandering Wench

Here is a section from Dolor and Shadow’s sequel, Lorlenalin’s Lies. My editor hasn’t seen this yet, so you know.   “Never mind that,” Geirolf said.” We finally have the leverage we need to demand the terms to end this. If we show Kallan to that Captain of theirs, they’ll adhere to every demand we […]

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