Glance an update

Glance An Update

A quick summary on my current writing projects

The Eladrin Stones (D&D FanFiction):

The Eladrin Stones are D&D Fan Fiction that I do not take seriously. Neither should you. It is for ADULTS ONLY as there is much swearing and debauchery. The Eladrin Stones can only be found here on my site as I am not publishing them nor am I putting any effort into grueling edits because I have real literature to write. If I happen to catch a typo I’ll fix it, but that’s it! Let it be known that I and the players do not condone any of the behavior displayed in these stories. Enjoy!

Check back soon for the next chapter when the Brave Though Not So Smart Adventurers leave Ja’Kitch Wood and enter the village N’Erd (pronounced Nuh-rd)!

Broken (macabre memoir/psyche thriller):

Broken a 96,000 words, macabre memoir, is finished and with my editor, who hopes to have it back to me by 10 August 2015. Indigo Forest Designs has finished the cover for Broken. I am bursting with excitement, but alas, I must wait. I will be revealing this cover to you on 17 July 2015 when it posts for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords!

Broken is due to release 11 September 2015.

“To —” (Gothic romance…no vampires)

When asked to contribute to a romance anthology, I responded with “To—,” a Gothic romance told in the second person point of view. “I” recall the events of a certain day that “you” don’t remember. The reason why will shock and delight you. Happily ever after is earned in my stories if it happens at all, and the price for that “happy ending” is high.

All proceeds from the anthology will be donated to breast cancer. I finished “To—” on 5 June 2015 and it is currently with my editor! “To—” is scheduled to release later this year.

Bane (Fantasy…A Bergen novel)

Bergen is getting his own series because his ego is too big to fit into my 160K word epic. That’s right! Book #1 of the Bergen series, Bane, is started. I have plans to release Winter of 2015

Unbreaking Me (macabre memoir/psyche thriller):

Unbreaking Me is the sequel to Broken and is a journal style story that continues where Broken leaves off. More information coming soon. I’m debating on scrubbing this project for personal reasons. I am on the fence and will be posting to my blog about this soon.

Lorlenalin’s Lies (dark fantasy and the sequel to Dolor and Shadow):

Lorlenalin’s Lies—the sequel to Dolor and Shadow—is written (110,000 words), but requires heavy revisions to reflect the changes in Dolor and Shadow. I hope to release Lorlenalin’s Lies in 2016.

Last updated on 17 June 2015

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