What a week!

Hello dear friend,

I’m still here.

As some of you may have heard/seen by now, my email was hacked into. In addition to the scam letter sent, they also intercepted my email. I haven’t received a single email since they sent out the scam on 17 June 2015. So…I have a new email address.

I am still working on uploading posts for the Blog Tour and the Book Blast, but my router chose to die yesterday…hahahahahaaaaa…ewww 🙁

I have a new router and a new modem now *small victory* but then Firefox thought my own web page was a threat *screams* so, they blocked my site from me.

On 18 June 2015, at 3:51 PM EST…I finally, FINALLY fixed it, but I lost the whole week to my children “graduating” from elementary school, hackers, tech issues, and scammers.

I am on holiday starting Monday and will be back on Thursday.

I…am not going to the Philippines and IF I am mugged, I will not be emailing all of you asking for money. I will more than likely call the police or my husband…and then maybe my family.

Upon my return, I plan to haul butt and upload the rest of the posts for the blog tour and Indie Pride Day 🙂

Exhausted Me

If you need my new email address, you can find it here.

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