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Will I enjoy Dolor and Shadow?


Are you the kind of bibliophile who would like Dolor and Shadow or not? Should you sink money into a book based on a gamble? Let’s find out shall we? Answer true or false to these questions *grin* Oh! This is so exciting! Okay!

Tales of the Drui Book #1 3DQUESTIONS:

1 – I love fantasies with foreign names, complex plots full of mystery, and books that come with fantasy maps and a glossary.

2 – I love books with a little bit of everything: romance, adventure, humor, and unpredictable twists.

3 – I like stories where you aren’t quite sure who the bad guy is and part of the read is figuring out who not to trust.

4 – I love antiquated prose that takes the time to paint sweeping imagery

5 – I love ending a book with only some of the questions answered, knowing there is much more to come.

6 – I love Norse mythology, Celtic mythology, and all things Norse that historically depict Scandinavia during the Viking Age.

7 – I love a story that shows a true depiction of love, life, and war

8 – I love an author who appreciates the beauty of weapons

9 – I love a fantasy filled with mysterious magical items

10 – I love a fantasy composed around a complex, but thorough and logical magical system


If you answered “True” to…

3 or less questions answered “True”

“Dolor and Shadow sucks” you may say. You probably are not going to enjoy Dolor and Shadow. But I could be wrong. I recommend reading the sample prior to outright buying Dolor and Shadow. You may be looking for a happier, lighter read, with a guaranteed happy ending.


4 to 6 questions answered “True”

“Eh…Interesting. I may read it again. I prefer Sherrilyn Kenyon, though.” You may already read a lot of paranormal fantasy and occasionally cross over into the lighter fantasy reads like the Hobbit or Game of Thrones, but wouldn’t dare tackle Silmarillion. You may find Dolor and Shadow enjoyable, though it may try your patience at times.


7 to 10 questions answered “True”

“I’m sleeping with this book under my pillow every night until I die!” You are the target audience Dolor and Shadow was written for and you most likely won’t be disappointed. For you, I give the buy links 🙂

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