The Holodeck: Part #16

Still one of my favorite posts… Sugie: DUH Duh duh. [dramatic notes] Angela: Rushing in, Ben catches the tripwire Angela had strung and he falls flat on his face. “Heheheheheheheeee…. Hahahahahahahahahahaaa… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” Angela lights a match, a cigarette, takes a draw and smiles.  “My plan worked. You just couldn’t stay away.” Angela cocks her gun […]

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The Scrap Book

Part of writing has always been organizing the writing. But there is a big difference between storing and sorting a book, and storing random “snippets” as they come to you. It seems silly to save an entire MS Word .DOC to my computer all for, literally, a five word sentence. So this is my Scrapbook: […]

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