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The Holodeck: Part #16

Still one of my favorite posts… Sugie: DUH Duh duh. [dramatic notes] Angela: Rushing in, Ben catches the tripwire Angela had strung and he falls flat on his face. “Heheheheheheheeee…. Hahahahahahahahahahaaa… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” Angela lights a match, a cigarette, takes a draw and smiles.  “My plan worked. You just couldn’t stay away.” Angela cocks her gun […]

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The Holodeck: Part #11

Angela: Angela conducts the face palm of the century. “DOH!  I forgot to end the Hologram Ben program!” Duped by her own ruse, Angela grumbles, “Computer, end Holographic Ben.”  And the Ben Angela was preparing to blast away with her kick-ass paintball bazooka vanishes. “We’ll never catch them like this,” Angela says and looks around […]

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