Thoughts on Social Media Part #4

Google+. I will be the first to tell you, I am not using Google+ properly. It irks me. Every morning, I sign on line, check my site stats, tweet out my love on Twitter, then check Goodreads, Facebook, and Google+. Facebook I get. I see the back and forth replies, but Google+ is ISOLATED!

I have a little “notifications” tab that is always at 100+ notifications every morning. Want to know a secret? I don’t read a single one of them. I delete them all without reading because there are too many people blasting their books at me. In turn, I see my following growing. I am currently up to 97 followers. I gained two followers last night (I joined in January, I think). I only post website news and bulletins on Google+. I’ve joined groups, but they’re flooded with Book Blasters. That is what I am calling them!

Book Blasters! So here I am talking to you this morning and I’m thinking about what I can do on Google+ to utilize this tool? Honestly, after four posts, this…this is why I began writing to you this Saturday morning. To discuss my idea for Google+ with you. That, and I love talking to you…so very much. You’re like my own Tom Riddle diary without the evil creepy prejudice wizard thing going.

You know what I want to do, but am afraid to do? I want to create my own fan club. The only thing holding me back is fear and shame. I worry that doing so is too arrogant of me. But as a business stand point with marketing, it sounds like a wonderful idea! You could all go over to Google+, enter the group and chat with me there. I could post the articles here on my site. You could read them and engage in discussion there on Google+. No Book Blasting. I promise. I hate that too. But I fear it is too presumptuous of me to create my own “fan club.”

What’s funny is, I know I’ll do it. I will. I hate fear and will do it because I love taking risks. Okay, I am ADDICTED to risk taking. Ironically, I hate gambling. LOL (I laugh at irony. It tickles me pink).

What have I got to lose? And I’ll be blunt. I think many authors would love this too. And you don’t have to join if you don’t want to. No one is forcing you to join, so you all may think, “Wow! So arrogant!” And not join. I need to clarify just for the sake of ethics. This “fan club” is NOT a “tell me how great I am” club. I have Self-Appreciation Day for that. Really, it’s a discussion group for my website.

I would enter into debates with you, hear your voice, and take votes on certain topics. I value your opinions, your desires. I want to know them! Oh! I would love to do this! I have so much to discuss on my site. You’ve read some of it. Some of you have read all of it. I’d love to hear your feedback! I’d sign on once…maybe twice a week (Okay, daily at first) to follow up with discussions! I’d read your feedback and I’d review your thoughts. I’m so eager to do this!

I’m doing it!

I need a name for this group! I’ll get back to you on this. I need to give it some thought.


I have done it! I have created a Google+ CommunityAngela B. Chrysler

I will see how this goes!

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