The Holodeck: Part #4

Glenn Miller’s “In The Mood”

Sugie: Sugie and Ben adapt quickly. Ben has on a lime green zoot (sp corrected) suit which Sugie thinks looks quite fine, especially with the fedora tilted just so. She, however, has on a slinky evening gown, and curses the era. As the pair hunt down Angela and Jaselyn, they also decide to see if Mitchell and/or Edward want to join their alliance.

Sugie wonders if the slinky dress is worth it. Maybe it will make it easier for these other guys to want to join with them. Maybe it won’t matter. But the giant hat with the sexy little veil goes into the gutter, first thing. She looks around for a shoe shop. No matter how sexy it is in movies, fighting battles in these pumps is just NOT going to work.

She considers all this in the blink of an eye, and hears Ben yelling, “Sugie! Across the street, in that alley. I see…”

Ben: Ben doesn’t get to finish the sentence because a hail of paintballs erupts from the dark. Battle-honed instincts take over. Ben rolls behind a brand new 1946 Studebaker and leans against its matte black frame. The rain is warm, but loud. A moment later Sugie joins him. He admires the slinky dress and hands her a pair of boots.

Paintball shots rock the Studebaker to the accompaniment of ‘splat splat, splat’. It turns the car into avant guard art. Sugie lifts her very large hat into visibility and in moments, it’s dripping with green paint.  Sugie!’ Ben bellows, ‘I’m going to find a better position. Cover me!’

Angela: But its too late!  As Ben enters the alley Angela, donned in a little black dress, a black wide-brimmed hat, and combat boots with fishnet stockings, cocks her gun, and fires.

Red paint peppers the alley *put put put put put*.  Angela ejects the magazine, reloads and fires, leading a trail of red in Ben’s wake.  She calmly walks down the alley, taking a step with each *put put*

Edward: Looking down he sees that his clothes have changed. He’s now wearing a black suit and tie. He knows this is not is era.

“Computer gets me out of here” he says looking around. Most of people looking away from him, scared of his golden eyes that shined like the sun and ears that rolled down to his shoulders. He was only half-human. History told him that he would not be well received in this era

“Sorry sir. You do not have permission to leave this program” the computer chimes” Take these and enjoy”

Suddenly, two paint guns and a paint shotgun appear on the side walk. Tucking the weapons away, he heads for the alley were the showdown was to take place.

Only two blocks away from the alley. He wonders which side he will join, the side of light or the side of Darkness.

“Computer gives me a ham sandwich and a large cola” he says tilting his head to the side a little” A cigar and some matches too”

Cigar’s always tasted better after a ham sandwich.

Sugie: Sugie takes step by step, matching Angela’ steps so ABC doesn’t hear her pursuer. She’s okay following for the moment, as the red paintballs only hit her partner’s trail, without actually hitting him.

But then Ben ducks into an alley, and Sugie worries. Did he duck in of his own accord, or was there a trap?

No more time for stealth. She blazes her two paintball guns (she had found another in the Studebaker) and hits Angela with nearly every shot. Using this volley as cover, she rushes past Angela, turning around to fire backward, and approaches the alley Ben disappeared into.

Angela, still stunned from the onslaught, is lying on the ground. Her little black dress is quite a bit more colorful, and matches the car well.

She takes a moment to think of Edward, who will be joining the fight soon. She hopes that he uses his excellent skills to join up with her and Ben. But she is prepared for him to make either choice. His cigar smoke announces his arrival. How is that thing staying lit in the rain like that? Yeah, she is intrigued. But Ben…

As Sugie peeps her head into the alley, she… (come on Ben what happens next? Are you captured, or waiting for me?)

Angela: Angela reaches into her left kick-ass combat boot and pulls out a dilinger equipped to fire paintballs.  Still laying on her back in the mud in her dress, (I love prepositions) Angela fires off a series of duel rounds from the dilinger and the paint ball gun.  Red balls explode on Sugie’s dress and hat.  One splats her back, buying Angela enough time to roll to the studebaker, losing her hat in the process.  Rain soaks her hair that now sticks to her next Angela reloads, aims, and waits.

Ben: Ben is oblivious to what’s going on in the street, but he knows exactly how that thing is staying lit. As a markeldy more colorful Sugie slumps against an alley wall, she sees Ben and Edward engaged in a Mexican standoff, paintball gun pointed at each other with deadly purpose. Their eyes are locked in a a contest of will. Can nothing prevent this mutually assured splattering? A ham sandwich and a large Cola lay to the side. Forgotten…for now…

To be Continued

About the Author: Anna Imagination

Biographical Info... What you seek is my Story. Every Soul is a "Blurb" as one would read on the back of the book. But can people be "unwrapped" so easily? Most importantly, why try? I have long since learned to preserve the Savory that comes with Discovery. Learning of another Soul is a Journey. It is an Exploration. And it does not do the Soul Justice to try and condense a Soul Journey into a Bio.