The Holodeck: Part #12

BCP3O:“Cheerio! Ah, Angela, just the woman I wished to speak wi– WHAT THE DEVIL?”

Benedict ran to peer down over the side of his inflatable aircraft, goggling at the explosions of color in the forest below.

“By jove, they are a merry bunch, aren’t they? Ho there!” he cried, waving at the combatants below, scarf flapping in the wind. “It seems we’ve got ourselves a bit of row. Who’d like a spot of help, then?”

Edward: Appearing out of nowhere Edward grabs Jaseyln by the waist and throws her to the ladder” Tell my Xbox one ….I mean my kids that I love them” Edward says Looking clean in his khaki’s” Drop the Bomb. I will keep them busy here.

Looking at his fresh new clothes Edward smiles and turns towards his opponents. He pulls out a ham sandwich and his shotgun. Firing at Ben and Sugie,  taking a bite of his sandwich “Dame this sandwich is good,” he whispers firing at them” Computer give me some headphone with Leona Lewis playing “

This time the computer complies with Edwards needs. A pair of beats rest on Edward ears. Suddenly he starts to dance, while shooting at Ben and Sugie. Moving thru through trees shooting, dancing and eating his sandwich he find the McGuffin.

If only he knew, what it was. He never knew what happened, when the McGuffin goes off. All he knows is that he had some clean clothes.

Cory Vossler: Cory saunters into the holodeck, an Empire Axe, a weapon of mass paint ball destruction resting in his hand. “What in tarnation is this place, y’all?” He asks in awe, tipping his Stetson back allowing a full view of the holodeck

“Well I’ll be an giraffes chiropractor, this place is huge!” He mumbles past a mouth full of big league bubblegum chew.

“Excuse me eveyrone,” he unbuttons his black duster to allow himself room to move. Undeterred by the man eating a sandwich as he shot wildly though the trees, Cory yells. “I dun find myself in pursuit, of a partical cunning indibidual!” He wipes the bit of pink drool from his chin. “This indibidual is wanted for a crime so anus-“ His gaze moved towards the ground. “I shutter, at the mur thought of what she dun.” He said shaking his head in disbelief.

Cocking his Empire Axe “She dun got pint on my Sunday best.” Cory held up a poster, the words ‘Angela Chrysler, WANTED- Painted or Alive, for the crime of getting red paint on a man of the governments bestest pants’ stamped above a very rough composite sketch of the woman.

“Now which way did she go?”

Angela: Angela hangs from the dirigible ladder.  The primitive WWI motor roars with the wind that whips Angela’s hair across her face. Jaselyn flies toward her, launched by Edward’s mustard strength.  Their hands clasp, and Angela holds Jaselyn over the canopy.

Above her, Benedict extends his hand. Below, at the base of Machu Piccu is Edward, Ben, and Sugie.

What’s this?

Angela squints her eyes across the Peruvian jungle and makes out the sketchy sketch of her own face staring up at her, and Cory, with a taste for vengeance. “I know those pants,” she says.

“Benedict!” Angela cries. “Drop the bomb!”

Sugie: Sugie hears Angela’s command, but she knows something Angela doesn’t – Benedict would never drop a bomb on her.

But the “McGuffin” Edward set off was the bomb that Ben had planted earlier, when Angela believed she had him safely tucked away.

Paint everywhere.

But only a festive red and green paint. As it was Christmas Eve, might as well make the carnage festive, after all.

Sugie looks up to see how colorful Benedict’s dirigible has become, and sucks in a breath. The dirigible is wobbling precariously close to some of those sharp-leafed palm trees. Obviously Benedict is not in control. What is Angela up to up there? Sugie doesn’t want Benedict hurt (she has a thing about people named Ben and is always automatically on their side).

“Cory!” Sugie shouts. “I know where Angela is! But if she gets hurt, you’ll never get your paintish revenge!”

Having judged Cory for a serious paintballer with his Empire Axe that looks as good as hers, Sugie feels sure he would rather paint Angela all up than let her get hurt. That would be no fun.

And he seems like the kind of guy who can get people out of sticky situations.

“We have to save Benedict and, geez, even Angela,” Ben chokes out. Paintball wars are no fun when people die, after all.

Cory joins them, and immediately assesses the situation. “Them thur vines look good for climbin’” he says, and all three grab on, slinging their various weapons over their necks to hang off their backs.

Up they climb, getting closer and closer to the dirigible.

Jaselyn is on the ladder, halfway between Angela and Edward. But there’s another Jaselyn standing WITH Edward, and suddenly THAT Jaselyn and Edward start pelting the climbers with paintballs. Wait, they aren’t aiming at them, they’re aiming for the vines above them. Trying to make them too slick to climb. What, do they WANT their partner dead?

Ben gives Sugie a despairing look. Uh oh, he must know what’s going on.

To be Continued

About the Author: Anna Imagination

Biographical Info... What you seek is my Story. Every Soul is a "Blurb" as one would read on the back of the book. But can people be "unwrapped" so easily? Most importantly, why try? I have long since learned to preserve the Savory that comes with Discovery. Learning of another Soul is a Journey. It is an Exploration. And it does not do the Soul Justice to try and condense a Soul Journey into a Bio.