The Holodeck: Part #10

Edward: Edward stands their his mind still a little fuzzy “computer give me a turkey sandwich …., no a hamburger…. no give me tuna on rye…, no..”

” What the hell do you want?” The computer chimes. If he didn’t know better he would have thought the computer had an attitude.”BEN IS THAT YOU” shouts Edward looking at ceiling and whipping out his paint guns” SHOW YOUR FACE SUCKER”

Suddenly a hooded figure appears before Edward” May the force be with you” the hooded figure says pulling out a lifesaver. Edward could hear the energy crackling along the light blade. Swinging the blade at Edward who dodges, but is blasted by the light blue paint that comes off the blade surface.

Wiping the paint off his face, he looks at the hood figure. The paint smearing on his face making everyone laughs.(just go with it) Without another word the hooded figure slowly disappears” See you later Eddie boy,” the figure says disappearing.

Edward Golden eyes start to shine bright as power floods his body. For the first time, since he ate the magic mustard, he felt like his old self, “Computer I need another suit and a coke”

Angela: Edward’s display distracts… well, everybody, buying Angela enough time to somersault away from Jen.  Angela slams into the wall, recovers, and throws herself UP… her back to the wall.

“Jaselyn!  Now!”

Ben: As Angela’s back hits the wall, she hears Ben’s best Kirk impression oh so close to her right ear: “have you?…missed me?….Ange?” As she starts to turn, a hail of blue balls hits her side and propels her into the corner. Another leather armor ruined. Ben lifts the muzzles of his two paintball Tommy Guns and blows away the smoke.

Next slides next to Sugie and stands beck to back with her. Ben grinds (now sounding uncannily like Mitch Hedberg): “Apologies, my Sugie. Had some work to do. Now I’m back.”

Ben telepathically signals to the bear barman to initiate assassin mode in three seconds.

He leans next to Sugie’s ear and grips her hand as he drops:”Let’s blow this joint.” Ben’s fingers snap and the players are assaulted by the sounds of a rainforest.

Jaselyn: **Editing for continuity with Ben’s post that went up seconds before mine**

 Angela’s cry shakes Jaselyn free from her lightsaber induced stupor. With a quick roll, Jaselyn has grabbed her paintball rifle and remembers to use her sight to line up her shot. She aims for Sugie, only just noticing Ben’s presence.

With a swift *put put*, magenta paint splatters over Sugie’s entire front, clashing horribly with the red from Angela’s earlier spree, and knocking her back a few steps, but by then the sounds of the rainforest have overpowered her senses, and an ominous boom of thunder echoes in the distance.

“I’ll cover you,” Jaselyn shouts to Angela. “We’ve got to regroup! I thought I knew where the McGuffin is, but it could be anywhere in this jungle!”

Angela: The New York bar room fades as the greens of the South American forest materializes.  Angela slumps from the corner onto a moss covered tree. The canopy overhead is too thick for the sun to penetrate.  In the distance, she can barely make out the ruins of Machu Piccu.

But before Angela or Jaselyn can straighten themselves out and adjust to the change, Ben and Sugie are off.

At the nearest tree, Edward munches a sandwich.

“Onward and Upward! Jaselyn!  Edward!  You coming?  I have mustard!”

 Jaselyn: “I’m right behind you, O Fearless Leader!” Jaselyn replies, swatting away a mosquito the size of a bird. “Edward, you in?”

Angela: “Computer, Gear!” Angela calls and at once they are equipped with khaki jungle garb and mosquito netting as they follow in hot pursuit, climbing the mountain toward the ruins.

Tired of climbing and irate with revenge, Angela pauses and takes aim.

“BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!” Angela cries and a toucan takes flight.  Unable to hold back the amount of rage, Angela unleashes her entire supply on Ben.  When her aim falls just shy of the range, Angela approaches the nearest tree and throws open the trunk like a door.  Inside, sits a black case covered in large jungle ants.

“Get off!” Angela says swiping at the case then flips the latch and withdraws a bazooka.

“BEN!” Angela cries and fires.

Ben: **edited for continuity**

Computer tells Ben that his hologram is well and truly splattered by that paintball bazooka. A pity.

Though his binoculars, He watches as the three continued their trek up a slope that leads to the ruins. He turns to Sugie and whispers in his best evil voice: “Zey haf fallen right into our trap!”

On his other side, the bear barman shakes his head in a desultory fashion as he prepares two martinis. Ben adjusts the scope of his sniper paintball rifle and squeezes the trigger. Sugie isn’t idle either…

To be Continued

About the Author: Anna Imagination

Biographical Info... What you seek is my Story. Every Soul is a "Blurb" as one would read on the back of the book. But can people be "unwrapped" so easily? Most importantly, why try? I have long since learned to preserve the Savory that comes with Discovery. Learning of another Soul is a Journey. It is an Exploration. And it does not do the Soul Justice to try and condense a Soul Journey into a Bio.