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Rune’s Interview

Angela: Ready, Rune? Rune: And waiting. Angela: Go ahead and introduce yourself. Tell the audience about yourself. Rune looks at Kallan and waits as she simply sits and sneers. Rune: What? No comment? Kallan: I doubt you’ll be honest. Rune: I am Rune…ever patient…ever calm. Kallan: Murderer. Rune: Ljosalfar and King of Gunir in Alfheim. […]

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Kallan’s Interview

Angela: Alright, Kallan. It’s your turn. *Kallan arches a brow in question at her author.* Angela: I just interviewed Bergen. I’m interviewing you next. Kallan: Very well *Kallan settles herself down and waits patiently* Rune: This should be good. *Kallan scowls and Angela grins at Rune.* Angela: You’re next, Rune. *Rune beams in good humor.* […]

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