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BR Kingsolver

Looking Back Presents BR Kingsolver Near the end of 2014, I met Kingsolver through Goodreads. After connecting over a likeness in editing, BR introduced me to Mia Darien, my editor. Since then, we’ve swapped manuscripts, beta reads, and promos. Kingsolver has been a key factor in helping me launch my books and has offered some […]

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Tiffany Apan

Looking Back Presents Tiffany Apan I just met Tiffany through the Festive Spirit Blog Hop hosted by Francis H. Powell. Right away, I was thrilled to see so many commonalities between us. Along with her musical passion, Tiffany is also familiar with my “neck of the woods” and, at once, we connected. In the few […]

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Paid Reviews and the Dilemma of Self-Published Credibility

Paid Reviews and the Dilemma of Self-Published Credibility by J. Edward Ritchie One of the biggest challenges that every self-published author has to face is generating credibility. With over a million books released every year, how can a serious writer separate their work from the half-hearted dregs and vanity projects that are inundating the market? […]

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