Buried Treasure

I enjoy building hidden treasures for my readers then scattering them about for them to find. Buried Treasure condenses all the Bonus Features into one place. It is that “second disc” you get when you buy a Special Edition movie. Here you’ll find a kind of treasure map to all the secrets tucked about my site. Happy scavenging!


Web Novels & Collected Shorts

To You (Short Story Romance)

Zombies From Space and Vampires (Apocalyptic and just epic awesomeness)

The Eladrin Stones (Fantasy Fan Fiction)

The Holodeck (Cyber RPG performed by 12 skilled writers)

Poems and Collected Shorts by Angela B. Chrysler


Dolor and Shadow

Fire and Lies (Coming Soon)


To You (Coming Soon)

Bergen: Bane (TBA)

Deleted Scenes & Alternate Endings

Dolor and Shadow

Fire and Lies



If you read Broken you’ll notice I’ve placed an asterisk next to a word. Instead of providing a distraction in the book to take you away from the story, I’ve posted the additional notes here. Don’t worry if you forgot where the asterisk was. I’ve provided the page number and word as well.


Author Commentary

I go back and review a chapter, but add some “behind the scenes” information about the research and making of the book.

Dolor and Shadow

Fire and Lies (Coming Soon)

Broken (Coming Soon)

To You (Coming Soon)

VIP Features (Password Protected)

For every book I publish, a password is enclosed with the book. Also, subscribers to my website received additional treats that are locked with a password. Upon subscribing to the site, they gain this password.

Subscribers Only Become a member to unlock these features

Dolor and Shadow: Beneath The Mountain Read Dolor and Shadow to unlock these features

Broken: The Looking Glass Read Broken to unlock these features

Fire and Lies: The Seer’s Stones Read Fire and Lies to unlock these features

To You: The Letters Read Amor Vincit Omnia to unlock these features


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