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Coming soon! I’m still brainstorming this one!

Bergen wallpaper

Days later…

Brainstorming… Complete!

I’m embracing my Nerd on this one…

I am disciplined when it comes to writing, networking, and events.

I compensate for this plethora of discipline by ensuring I remain undisciplined in the art of blogging, posting, and contests. Ergo… I am holding this contest of Best Website Design… or whatever it is that comes to me when it comes to me.

I browse the internet a lot during my roaming days of networking and I meet some AMAZING people! When I see something I like, I share it! I’m quite simple. So, I present my casual, laid back, “whatever kind of contest that comes to me on a whim” Contest. I will call it “WKOCTCTMOAW Contest” (Pronounced: Wik-oct-ct-mo-aw)


All winners receive my respect, the Blooger Award, and an eBook! And a bit of publicity as I throw their name around and boost their ego. I love a good ego boosting.

Now then…

This all began with the beautiful and creative Ms. Rawls. The site of Ms. Rawls is what started this page. I stopped in one day and and fell in love with her images and design, and I thought “Oooh! A Website Contest! That’s what I need!”

And now without further ado… I present the Blooger Award to the simplest of “Simple Sites”


Simplest of Simple Sites…

Coming in Second place is Floryie with her simple, yet stunning

I adore this site. Simple, clean, and to the point. I arrived and went, “Ah! She’s a reader who hosts book reviews and promos!” Simple! Definitely worth a look.


But then, simple sat me on my ass at the site of Magnus Von Black. Magnus Von Black went below and adjacent for this simple, sleek design seen only at

Seriously! I am inspired to strip my site down to .DOS! Who knew the appeal of classic HTML code!? It is for this reason that I present Magnus Von Black, creator, designer, and owner of with the Blooger Award for Simplest of Simple Sites.

(Angela hands Magnus Von Black his Blooger Award and a bag of “Angela’s Respect.” Ominous light glistens from within the bag as she shoves a microphone into the face of Magnus Von Black)

Tell me, Magnus Von Black! Now that you have won the Blooger Award, what are you going to do next!?

Magnus Von Black: You are horribly, grotesquely, brutally, disgustingly, inappropriately, downright evilly nice. Thank you. Now that I’ve won a Blooger Award, I’m going to rub it in everyone’s face and act like a big shot.

Angela: Excellent! Now, would you like an eBook of Dolor and Shadow or Broken? 🙂 Choose… choose wisely 🙂



Just Beautiful…

I recently read an article that stated “beautiful websites” aren’t what sell. I respectfully disagree. The website this article used as an example of “highest grossing” and “ugliest” was a site I would have glanced at and clicked off of. Never mind the content. It was simply “thrown together.” My philosophy on website design is, “A website sells the author like a book cover sells a book.” It defined what quality a viewer can expect from that author. So! Without further adieu, here are the most beautiful sites I have seen.

I’m collecting those sites that are just “take my breath away” stunning! Here is the website of Stan Sudan! The background is simply gorgeous and the layout enhances that background! Gorgeous, Stan! Kudos!

Here you are! Our second runner up! The Troubled Oyster Gorgeous site! Gorgeous attention detail. Just beautiful!


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