My promise to you…

My Promise To You

I pride myself on quality. My highest priority is to deliver a top-quality indie-published book to you every time.


Angela B. Chrysler The Author of Dolor and ShadowThank you for your interest in my writing! I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am for your support.

The world of book publishing has begun an evolution and, no doubt, you’ve noticed the flood of books on the market today. A few years ago, we were astounded at the massive surplus of eBooks suddenly available for an insanely low price. It was a reader’s dream come true… or so we thought. After throwing away almost $50.00 USD (or more) on a number of books, we sadly learned that almost every one of those “authors” hired no editor, had no story, and/or did no research. In some cases, the “books” we received were only 50 pages long. We felt cheated, ripped off, and scammed by hack authors using books to make it rich quick.

Many passionate readers gave up on self-published authors. Even I—an indie author—won’t buy a book from a any other author now without reading the sample first. Like you, I found myself often disappointed.

The birth of this era arrived with a stigma—a well-deserved stigma—toward indie authors. Indie has come to mean “poor quality.”

Here is where my goal begins. As an indie author, I wholeheartedly believe I have to not only provide a book on par with traditional authors. I have to beat them at their own game. Because, unlike them, I have that stigma working against me.

Art and self-expression is something I have taken very seriously my whole life. Story is something I embrace, respect, adore, and need as much as my readers. I’m not here to re-create the Harry Potter Phenomena, I’m here for the same reason you are here. We both love story.

I believe authors—all authors—are responsible for providing a beautiful novel with outstanding quality on par with traditional publishers.

All of my published works are presented to my editor who maintains the same level of quality as I. After revisions, edits, and beta reads are complete, I turn the manuscript over to Mia who conducts two full high-quality edits on the manuscript. We review the manuscript as many times as needed. Even after publication, our work is not yet done. I have a group of readers on stand-by who read and review the final copies—both print and electronic—a month after the book releases. These readers report all errors and my editing team and I go in again. New editions are uploaded. We polish the books until they are perfect.

The quality of my cover artist speaks for itself.

All my fiction novels exceed 300 pages. Anthologies and non-fiction are exempt, though I price the smaller books accordingly. My stories are never “fluffed” with filler. All my books are high quality and are thoroughly edited. All my books are made available on paperback so you can hold the quality in your hands. Each book is built through Amazon’s CreateSpace who builds books equivalent with Rowling, Tolkien, and Dan Brown. I skip no corners.

I refuse to contribute to the stigma of self-published authors. This is my promise to you.



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