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I began Brain to Books on October 15th when I decided to post my own publishing journey online where others could see. After spending seven years retracing my Google steps back to a misplaced article on query letter writing and platform building, I realized how much of a cluttered mess the internet was for a writer. The sources are there, but finding them is grueling work. Even voracious researchers like myself have found this process tasking. My solution evolved into Brain to Books: an online ready-made beginner’s manual for the aspiring best-selling author to find those helpful links right off so they can spend more time writing.

But I didn’t stop there.

What began as a “writing journal,” evolved into a promotional engine. By April 2015, I launched the Brain to Books Cyber Convention, which collected nearly 161 authors to showcase their books online. It literally became a cyber Expo through Goodreads. Think the Sci-fi Convention only free… and online. 1 July 2015, I hosted the “Brain to Books Book Blast” where I punched out more than 60 authors in one day. And on 25 July 2015, I launched the Brain to Books Blog Tour: a 35 day long blog tour featuring 150+ authors hundreds of books, shared over 15 blogs all crammed into 1 tour.

It. Was astounding.

While I focus on my writing, I have launched “Brain to Books Bloggers” through “ABC Tours.” The process is very simple. Bloggers join “Brain to Books Bloggers” while I collect Authors in another group. I then provide the bloggers with the links so, at any given time, bloggers can go in need whenever they want, scan five different lists looking for authors, and pull whomever they need.

All of this… all my events… are free.

I founded the “Starving Artist Foundation” which isn’t really a foundation… The name was just catchy. In short, we’re all struggling to make a dime. Most of us spent our last dime on an ISBN, book cover, or an editor. We have no money to throw into promotion and advertising… So I offer theses services for free.

If you are looking for a boost, want additional advertising, or just want me to push your book, email me at and I will warmly welcome you to the clan 🙂 If you’re interested in signing up for any or all of my promotional events, I’ve included a check list below. Thank you, and may the kindest of words always find you.


PS – Don’t forget to ask about your free bookmark.


List of Brain to Book Promotions

The Book Shelf: Authors! Be sure to join and shelve your books! I have more than 400 readers in this group browsing the shelves.

If you are a Blogger… Join Brain to Books Bloggers and receive news and updates on upcoming tours. Also, access the lists of authors available.

If you are an Author… Add your name and book to one of the many tours going on through ABC Blog Tours

2015 Brain to Books Cyber Convention

Brain to Books Blog Tour

Official Brain to Books website




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