Angela’s Dictionary

I am a linguist (the study of language and its evolution), with an emphasis on historical linguistics and etymology. In common tongue, this means I favor the study of how, when, and from where words developed.

I love studying PIE (Proto-Indo-European languages) with an emphasis on Germanic, Greek, and Latin base languages as well as recognizing the written word and its use throughout history with pre-historic man.

One of my crazier, not-so-serious, hobbies is inventing new terms and giving a definition to them. Here are the collection of terms I have invented.


Steve (Noun) : The little yellow guy on Google… This guy! Steve is my travel partner and we have gone everywhere together: Norway, Cairo, China, Denmark, Ireland, Hawaii, the original IBM buildings down the street from my house…

Example in a sentence: Say ‘hello’ to Steve everyone!


Meet Steve

Slush Brain (noun) : The condition a writer comes down with after spending eight hours editing or researching. Symptoms include, but are not limited to poor spelling, atrocious grammar, and an inability to stop talking.

Example in a sentence: Angela often has slush brain.


 Bloogers (Noun): Those people who love blogging all day 🙂 Bloggers are people who blog. But a Blooger loves blogging. I mean REALLY loves it!

Example in a sentence: Angela is a blooger. Also… “Hey! Meet my fellow bloogers!”


Cubicle-itis (noun): The disease one contracts from working within an office cubicle for an extended period of time. Symptoms include, but are not limited to quirky behavior, delusions, omitting strange noises at random, throwing things at co-workers, restlessness, boredom, and inventing things out of office supplies.

Example in a sentence: Angela has a bad case of cubicle-itis.


Logicize (verb): To use or to apply logic. Also, to use logic as a means to rationalize. You can rationalize without logic. Ergo…logicize means to rationalize with logic.

Example in a sentence: “I believe a writer can call themselves a writer when they wake at 5 AM to logicize characters out of foiled plot twists.”


Shlog (noun): The last bite of a sandwich that is so wet and slimy from all the mayonnaise and moisture that the bread and contents are slippery and too gross to eat.

Example in a sentence:

“Are you going to finish your sandwich?”

“No. That’s shlog.”


Moog (noun): The first layer of milk you drink that is slightly warmer than the rest in the glass.

Use in a sentence: “Hm. I left my milk out too long and I just drank a mouthful of moog.”


Thwit (noun): An onomatopoeia I invented for the sound an arrow makes when it strikes its target. The sound is actually more breathy like “thwt.”

Use in a sentence: I invented this word for use in Dolor and Shadow.


Mitchell. His full name is really “Mitchell Officials.”



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