Happy Birthday to me!

Good merry morning, mina!

So…it’s my birthday today! I’m 30 something…again…(I was born in 1980. You do the math, BUT DON’T TELL ME!) and I walked down to my coffee and this…THIS…is what I found!

My bow

ISN’T IT EPIC!?!? Okay, so I’m a little excited. My husband rocks! Not flowers. Not lingerie or candy or anything girlie…No THIS! My first bow! SO AWESOME!! It’s longer than me, BUT WHO CARES!?

My husband and I collect weapons. I mean…we are PASSIONATE about our collection. In our sitting room, we have a full replica of Link’s… Why am I telling you this? One moment…


Link’s sword and shield from Zelda

There. The picture is sh**, but I’ll take a better one later with my camera and not my cell phone. So that is our main entrance to the right of the sword. This is what people see when they enter our home. “Embrace your inner nerd,” it says. “You are among a family of Trekkies and gamers.” Okay…moving on.


We have about six katanas (Never actually counted…I should count them up one day) including the reverse blade of  Ryu Kenshin…THAT’S RIGHT! YOU HEARD ME! Eat your heart out! The reverse blade is mine. My husband wishes it was his. But…he has the Naginata. I would be jealous IF I didn’t have Ryu Kenshin’s reverse blade to comfort me. I’ll take pictures of all these later.


I also have a Viking Seax with the Trinity knot on the handle. I adore my seax! A seax is a 14″ dagger created by the Saxons (hence Seax from Saxon) and adopted by the Vikings by the 10th century. Gorgeous blade.

Below is Ryu Kenshin (anime) and his gorgeous reverse blade. Why the blade is reversed is part of the story.

I really…REALLY want to add a Bat’leth to the collection (Star Trek reference). Oh! And Zoro’s swords! For the non-nerd visitor…That is not Zoro the Mexican masked legend, but Zoro from One Piece who uses three katanas.

I mean look at these swords!

Zoro's swords

1. Meito; Wado Ichimonji (White sword)
2. Sandai Kitetsu (Red sword and is cursed)
3. Meito; Shusui (The black sword)

But I have my eye on Sephiroth’s sword! THAT’S RIGHT! I am 4’11” by the way. Can you see it!? LMAO!

Okay, for the non-nerds…this is Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII (The movie…LOVE the movie)

Seriously! If you haven’t seen it, nerd or not WATCH THIS MOVIE! The artwork is BREATH. TAKING. It is CGI, but is so well done it looks live action! As always, I recommend you watch it with subtitles and not dubbed.

Seriously, go get it! Watch it! Here is the link. I can not make this any easier for you. If you are not a gamer or nerd or anime freak, it doesn’t matter. This movie is a sci-fi/fantasy master piece! GO WATCH IT!

So Sephiroth shows up, looks at Cloud, and says, “Tell me what you love so that I can take it away,” and Cloud says, “You already did.”

AH! Now THAT is a line I WISH I had written! And it sounds SOOOO epic in Japanese! OCH! Okay! I’ll calm down. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE!

So here is Sephiroth’s sword.

Sephiroth sword

Stop laughing! I know it’s ridiculous! I don’t care! It’s EPIC! Fully sick!

Okay, so here’s the thing…This is the BEST part. My hair is starting to turn silver. Not gray. Not white. Silver! And its long. So what do I do? I cheer and shout in jubilation and announce to my husband that

“the transformation has begun! I am turning into Sephiroth! I have to get me his long ass sword! And in another ten years I can cosplay as Sephiroth!”

Yep! I said that! Okay, so I’m 4’11”, but who cares! Now, every time I find a new silver hair, I’m stoked! Not kidding. Stoked! One fell out the other day and it made me very sad 🙁

Yes, I’m talking anime this morning and swords, and weapons and all things nerdy…but it’s my birthday and this is what I want to talk about.

Okay! I’m off to edit!



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