Book Release Day!

Post from 31 May 2015

What are you doing here!?

There is a book release party happening!

I will be brief!

Bergen is hosting on Facebook.  His interview is now posted here.

Kallan and Rune are hosting on Google+

And I, Angela, am hosting at Goodreads.

Each locations is offering a signed paperback edition of Dolor and Shadow and only three winners will be selected. The Dolor and Shadow Blog Tour is also happening now. Ed Ireland summarizes today’s events nicely here.

  1. Stop #1 – 31 May 2015 – The Writing Desk
  2. Stop #2 – 31 May 2015 – Immortal Publishing
  3. Stop #3 – 31 May 2015 – Echo Fox – Still pending post
  4. Stop #4 – 31 May 2015 – Kookie Krysp
  5. Stop #5 – 31 May 2015 – K.Caffee
  6. Stop #6 – 1 June 2015 – E.L. Wicker website
  7. Stop #7 – 2 June 2015- Ben Starling’s website
  8. Stop #8 – 3 June 2015 – Rosanna Leo
  9. Stop #9 – 4 June 2015 – Sara Letourneau

So stop in for some cake, enter to win, and make the rounds! Oh! And stop in at Amazon or Smashwords to buy a copy today!

Tales of the Drui Book #1 3D

“Angela is so lame,” says Bergen. “As if I mean nothing to her! I am crushed. After asking me take time out of my wenching and drinking, she goes off and writes her own thing. As if I don’t have enough to do with her blog thing, party whatever on Facebook! Alright, wench…you asked for it.” Bergen settles himself into Angela’s website and grins. “So Angela is “too busy” to update her own damn blog then goes off and does it anyway…I’ll do it and boy…am I doing it. Right above everything else here…EVEN THE MUSIC TRACK!

“Brain to Books, which is code for “Angela,” is hosting a “birthday party” for Dolor and Shadow tomorrow, 31 May 2015. What are we six!? Whatever. The wench assigned me to Facebook, the cool corner of this shin dig where I will wallow about tomorrow with you and we will be awesome together! If you want to check out the other sites—Odinn knows why would you? —Angela has Rune and Kallan together on Google+ being not so cool and Angela is somewhere on Goodreads. Here are the links, join the celebrations. I’m passing out mead at my place so stop in! I will be great! Oh! And I’ve decided I’m passing out Angela’s beer! Drinks are on her! It’s a party! Let’s live it up!


Dolor and Shadow releases on 31 May 2015!

To my editor, Mia, my cover artist, Indigo Forest Design, and my cartographer thank you. You all three came through for me with flying colors.

The Dolor and Shadow Blog tour starts this Sunday!

Schedule for the Dolor and Shadow Blog Tour

Bergen strolls onto the site, Angela’s Guinness clenched firmly in hand.

“As usual, Angela, The Author forgot to mention me, Bergen…so I am doing it for her. To kick start the Dolor and Shadow Blog Tour on Sunday I, Bergen Lord and—”

“I’m interviewing Bergen to kick start the Dolor and Shadow Blog Tour on Sunday,” Angela says, too busy to bother with Bergen at the moment.

“Wench,” he says and chugs back my Guinness.

“MY GUINNESS!” Angela growls. “And Kallan may also make an appearance.”

Bergen snarls, “I hate you,” to the author as Angela posts the Blog Tour schedule.

Each locations is offering a signed paperback edition of Dolor and Shadow and only three winners will be selected.


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