An Average Day With Bergen

Bergen peers down at my monitor.

Bergen: What are you doing?

Angela: Writing.

Bergen: About?

Angela: Your brother.

Bergen scoffs.

Angela: He’s part of the book too, Bergen.

Bergen: Yeah, but I’m better. The sign says so.

Angela: You put that sign there!

Bergen scoffs again and the author rolls her eyes.

Bergen: Just cut the scene. I’m not in it any way.

Angela: No, Bergen. I need this scene to show Rune’s inner confli—

Bergen leans over and begins to scroll up through the manuscript.

Angela: What are you doing?

Bergen: Going back to the part about me.

Angela: Don’t touch the keyboard! I’m the author! You g—

Bergen takes a drink from a fresh bottle of Guinness.

Angela: Is that my Guinness?

Bergen: [smiling] My lady, you know it is.

Angela sighs.

Bergen: Write about my sword.

Angela: I did.

Bergen: What did you write?

Angela: You have a sword, Bergen.

Bergen: What’s it look like?

Angela: It’s black, Bergen.

Bergen: Black. I picked that of a Fae goddess! Do it justice! Talk about how the Seidr flows gold under the black metal or how awesome I look while wielding it. The ladies will like that.

Angela: It’s just a sword.

Bergen: It’s cool! You talk about Rune’s sword. You gave it a black fire opal pommel and silver filigree! Do I get silver filigree?

Angela: I already talked about your sword! I need to be working on Rune!

Bergen: Rune isn’t as interesting.

Angela: Well he would be if you let me work on him.

Bergen scoffs…again.

Bergen: Derisively.

Angela: What?

Bergen: If you’re going to have me scoff this much at least say that I scoff derisively.

Angela: It’s implied.

Bergen: Well, at least add something about my scars! I have awesome scars.

Angela: This whole book can’t be about you.

Bergen: I’m hardly in it!

Angela: That’s because I have to lead into your story!

Bergen takes another drink of the Guinness.

Angela: And stay out of my Guinness or I’ll kill you off in the third chapter!

Bergen: [grinning] Baby, you can’t kill me.

Angela: Watch me!

Bergen: People love me. You kill me and your popularity will drop like a pair of bal—

Angela: Bergen! I’ll write you wearing woman’s clothes.

Bergen: And I’ll still look—

Mr. 2

Bergen: WHAT IS THAT!?

Angela: It’s you.

Bergen: That is NOT me! I look more like this!


Angela types like a rabid dog.

Bergen: What did you just do?

Angela: I killed you.

Bergen: You didn’t kill me.

Angela: Shut up. You’re dead.

Bergen: You can’t kill me.

Angela: Yes, I can. I did. [Angela points] Right there. I embedded a dagger into your back.

Bergen: A dagger!? You killed me off with a nine inch blade!?

Angela: Four inch.

Bergen: What the fu—

Angela: Too much?

Bergen: Woman! I’m the Dark One! The legendary Berserker—

Angela types again.

Bergen: What is that you just added?

Angela: I took away the dagger and changed it to the flu.

Bergen: The flu!?

Angela: That’s right.

Bergen: You did not just kill me off with the flu.

Angela: Sure I did. It’s right there. “Bergen dies of the flu.”

Bergen: That isn’t even poetic.

Angela: Who cares? You’re dead.




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