The Holodeck: Part #1


Jaselyn B. Taubel: **As I come racing through the door, I realize the garage isn’t as empty as I thought, and I hide myself behind an old bicycle, covered by a dusty tarp as I reload my paintball gun. I hear the door crack open a bit, and aim my gun.**

Jennifer “Sugie” McGinnis had palavered (in The Refrigerator Door thread):

** Sugie limps to the corner, and then decides NO she can’t let this stop her. Runs into the no-longer empty garage and shoots three times, fast, at Jaselyn, who is too happy with her new niece (congratulations Jaselyn!) and so Sugie’s a little glad that all she hits is Jaselyn’s toe. But somebody is head towards the garage, she can hear their foot steps. Both Jaselyn and Sugie get ready and aim at the door….who could it be?**

Angela B. Chrysler: IT’S ANGELA! *She fires a shot *put put* and somersaults slovenly across the floor to the old couch in the center of the garage.  I fire off a round without aiming and jump up and over, taking cover behind the couch*

Jaselyn: **Jaselyn takes the hit directly to the chest, and reels backward, crashing into the rusted old tools lining the side of the wall. Fortunately, none of them do any damage to her or Sugie as they clatter to the ground, sending up a cloud of dust. Coughing, I wave the air in front of me clear, and then point my gun at the old couch in the middle of the garage, waiting until just the right moment to fire.*

There’s no way Angela can hide back there forever. It’s way too cold to stay still for too long.

Simone Downie: *Sem walks into garage and folds her arms, shaking her head and sighing. “Kids these days.”*

Jaselyn: **Jaselyn quickly shifts her aim from the couch to Simone and shoots off two rounds, which both fly far and wide of the mark and splatter the door that leads back into the lounge.*

Grab a gun, Simone! Pick a color! Come play with us!

Jennifer “Sugie” McGinnis: ** But Sugie had the better aim and knocked Sem in the shoulder. As Sem dove for her gun, Angela popped up from behind the couch, cuz you know, she’s got some serious stuff to do. Jaselyn wasn’t looking, she was pointing out where Sem could find her gun, so Jennifer let Angela go without another shot. Uh oh. Jaselyn looks pissed… **

Jaselyn: Dang it, Sugie, we almost had her!

*Jaselyn aims her paintball gun at the couch and shoots a round anyway, just because it makes her feel better, and then quickly runs to the other side of the garage, hiding behind a stack of what look like back issues of National Geographic from the ’80’s. She fires once more at Sugie, hitting her in the arm, and then trains her gun on Sem.**

Better find cover quick!

Simone: *Sem yells something about coming into the garage to get the kids to settle down, but as Sugie hits her in the shoulder, revenge overtakes her desire for peace and quiet. Sem’s eyes narrow. It’s on.

She leaps for an extra gun, this one shooting neon purple rounds, and scurries behind an old, beaten couch with a faded flowery pattern and over-sized padding. She cocks her weapon. Slowly, she leans toward the side of the couch and peers into the garage.*


Jaselyn posted:

*Jaselyn bursts through the cafe door, looking wildly around for Angela, but gets distracted by the smell of fresh hot dish and curry wafting from the kitchen. As she turns to look for the food, she spots Angela behind the door and quickly sends a lush-lawn green paintball directly at the Mod, and hits her on her right knee*

Yes, my aim is improving!

 GREAT!  I was an adventurer!  But now I’ve taken this shot to my knee!

*Angela limps back to the old mattress and reloads with a malicious gleam in her eye*

*Angela peers from behind a mattress she managed to use as a shield while sifting back into the room and fires a shot at Simone, which hits her in the shoulder.*

“Live free or die, Simone!”

Giving it one more go before fooping back to work, Angela kicks down the mattress, revealing her kick-ass black, leather armor and fires a series of rounds on the room.  Green paint explodes like tiny pustules.  Jaselyn dodges for cover behind the couch.  Jen takes a hit to the calf muscle and Simone scrambles behind an old lean-to conveniently located for this sort of thing.

The room grows silent.  And then, with a foop, Angela is gone.

After arming Ben with a paintball gun and shooting him in the thigh, Angela runs back into the room and quickly dashes behind the mattress where she waits for the next unsuspecting target to walk through the door.


To be Continued

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Biographical Info... What you seek is my Story. Every Soul is a "Blurb" as one would read on the back of the book. But can people be "unwrapped" so easily? Most importantly, why try? I have long since learned to preserve the Savory that comes with Discovery. Learning of another Soul is a Journey. It is an Exploration. And it does not do the Soul Justice to try and condense a Soul Journey into a Bio.