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Nerd News!!

Oh my god! Anime freaks! Gamers! You gotta see this! I was uploading my Dolor and Shadow book trailer on YouTube, when I saw this! First, if you are not an anime freak, I have to say this about this composition…This melody is played throughout Naruto at the most heart wrenching, “ball my eyes out” […]

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My Music

Before I was a writer, I was a composer. This is me playing my compositions. I stopped playing seriously about ten years ago when the three hours of hard practice a day ruined my hands and now I have to choose, piano or writing. So this is me not pushing myself on the piano.   […]

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Invasive Species

Yes, this is a fantasy writer’s blog and I’m talking about gardening. It’s my blog. I can write what want 🙂 I just spent my Sunday 100% computer free yesterday and instead, I spent it in the garden. Many of you probably noticed my last name. Chrysler. Yes. I am distantly related to the Chrysler […]

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