“Sing For My Dinner” by BR Kingsolver

I'll Sing For My DinnerA quiet girl enters a bar. She clearly hasn’t been eating well, and when the bar owner offers her a chance to sing for her dinner, he discovers that her musical gift knows no boundaries. But Cecily has a dark past—one that I could relate to. Cecily has a sweet warmth that I fell in love with. But her past left her scarred with psychological quirks the author captured perfectly!

Would I call this a romance? It certainly has a romance in it, but does not focus on the traditional romantic qualities that fit the standard formula as seen in Karen Marie Moning or Judy Garwood romances. I believe that is this book’s appeal. I hate putting this book in any genre. It is simply Cecily’s story. Plain and simple and brimming with bitter sweet. It’s real and not sugar coated with unrealistic expectations or “Disney Dreams”. Cecily isn’t swept off her feet. She’s been hurt, plain and simply, and harbors a world of secrets. She has mommy issues, and the problems of a child prodigy being forced to grow up too fast. She is down to earth and never once becomes dreamy eyed over the leading male character.

Cecily is smart and sharp. She is talented and beautiful. She also has PTSD and suffers from nightmares, flashbacks, and paranoia. Above all else, Cecily is real. Very real. As real as you or I and that is the true appeal of this book. Cecily is the story, she is the book, and she carries it with grace.

I gave this book 5 stars for its realism, exceptional writing, and sweeping story that carried me away too easily. I will be re-reading this book over and over until I wear out the paperback and I have to buy another.

I beta read this book and I enjoy romances written by Karen Marie Moning. I also adore Garwood’s “The Prize.”

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