Odin’s Shadow by Erin S. Riley

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautifully captures the era while providing a gritty Nordic romance!, June 27, 2015

Odin's ShadowThis book beautifully captures the era while providing a gritty Nordic romance…exactly the kind of romance I like to see! I loved this book! I was drawn to this story that boasted historical Nordic accuracy—my forte—and Riley did not disappoint! The era, language, and culture was captured perfectly and the author showed the contrast between the Irish (already Christian by the 9th century) culture to the still pagan culture of the Norsemen. Honest, bold, and true to the legends and history books, I was able to sink right into this story. The plot was fast paced and Riley never lets boredom creep in. I am usually too busy to read, but her story kept me eager to get back to her book at every available opportunity. Whenever I thought I could predict the story, Riley threw twists at me I didn’t see coming. Wonderful, fast paced story! Not your traditional romance as most of the sex is brief and certainly takes a back burner to the intense plot—something I certainly enjoyed from this author. The mood was gritty, dark, and very real. No room or need for fantasy or sugar-coated romance here as the historical accuracy of the era sweeps you back in time. It felt like a romance novel written by the writers of History channel’s Vikings. Riley captures that same dark, honesty of the era as seen from Ragnar Lodbrok. Beautiful book! If you’re looking for a change from the traditional sweetly sugar-coated romance novels, without crossing over into fantasy, this is definitely a book for you!


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