The HMS Slush Brain: Debauched Voyages (Part 3)

HMS SlushBrain

Currently on board the Slush Brain…

Donned in her gown, a tiara, and her kick-ass thigh-high stiletto heeled leather boots by the name of “Daryl” and “Dixon,” Captain Boozic (That’s me) and her sexy first mate, I-can-hold-my-own-armed-with-a-wine-glass Mrs. Dixon, have risen this fine Monday Morning to commence with some wild debauchery. Before the booze is drunk and the debauchery can get underway, the loquacious too-loud-for-a-Monday-Morning ship mate, Incorrigible Corvus arrives.


Captain Boozic: I need to watch The Walking Dead this morning before I wander too far into social media

Corvus: Yes you should. Great Finale.

Mrs. Dixon: OMG, Captain, it was so good!!

Corvus: Morning, shipmates 🙂

Morning Mrs. Dixon! How are you?


Captain Boozic: Pulling TWD up now


Mrs. Dixon: Awake. Maybe…I see you are extra awesome today, Corvus

Corvus: Can I slap you on the ass to wake you up?

Captain Boozic: He is…almost want to shoot him…Almost

Corvus: It’s a beautiful morning!!!!

Mrs. Dixon: Ummm… I suppose that would probably do it.

Captain Boozic: I’m awake. Never went to sleep so I’m good. WIIIIIIIIIIDE the fuck awake still

Mrs. Dixon: It snowed last night- again. And I haven’t had coffee yet. It will be more beautiful after the cup is empty 🙂

Yeah, Captain. What’s up with that?

Captain Boozic: Hm

Corvus: I’m high as a kite!!!

Captain Boozic: Shoot him


Corvus: You missed!



Mrs. Dixon: I want to see if he sings the rest of the song first


Corvus: YES PLEASE!!! And strip me down!

Captain Boozic: No! Clothes stay on! You deserve to be punished

Mrs. Dixon: Ok. I like that idea. I have left over zip ties around here somewhere…

Captain Boozic: I’ll lather you in honey and ants


Corvus: YES!!!! Oooo, punish me!


Captain Boozic: CORVUS AND ZIP TIES!!!! That’s niiiiiiiiiiiiiice


Mrs. Dixon: LMAO You’ve made my wonderful Monday morning even more awesome!!!!!


Corvus: Yay for Mondays!!!!!!


Captain Boozic: Ugh! GAG HIM!!!


Mrs. Dixon: Yay for zip ties and honey! Oops, forgot the ants

Captain Boozic: I have a ball gag in my purse. No questions

Mrs. Dixon: Of course you do. Take my zip ties and your ball gag, and there’s a Friday night worth remembering

Corvus: Lol!

Captain Boozic: heheheheee…Who says I don’t have my own?

Corvus: You crazy gals…now tie me up!!

Captain Boozic: GAG HIM FIRST!


Mrs. Dixon: Lol. Well I don’t have a ball gag, but there are lots if other things to stuff in an open mouth, my dear

Captain Boozic: *wraps rope around Incorrigible Corvus’ wrists

Incorrigible Corvus: mmmc m mm mmm mm mm mmmmmmm!!!

Captain Boozic: Wraps rope around Corvus and the mast

*The captain pauses for a moment and gives “the evil glare”*

Mrs. Dixon: I’m fresh out of honey. I do have peanut butter 🙂 And corn syrup. Let me see what else is in the pantry…

Captain Boozic: CHOCOLATE!!!


Mrs. Dixon: Yes!


Captain Boozic: Lather him in chocolate!


Mrs. Dixon: I always have chocolate…and caramel


Captain Boozic: Aaaah… Silence


Mrs. Dixon: Love caramel


Captain Boozic: I will finish tying him up

Mrs. Dixon: Don’t forget the ankles…I hope you remembered to bring the ants on board before we left shore

Captain Boozic: Ankles, waist, arms hoisted over the head…I need a step stool

Yep! I keep them in my pants

Sing me a dirge, Matey

Mrs. Dixon: LOL!! Yes, forgot you would need a step stool. Let me help.

Captain Boozic: Heheheeee…Listen!

Do you hear that, Mrs. Dixon? That’s the sound of silence

Mrs. Dixon: Yes. He’s suddenly quite mute

Captain Boozic: It’s my ball gag

Mrs. Dixon: Beautiful sound it is, too

Corvus: Ball gag’s have that affect. Mine’s black

Corvus: *glares intently*

Captain Boozic: *smiles sweetly and bats eye lashes at Corvus’ intent glare*

Mrs. Dixon: LOL

Captain Boozic: I do so love Mondays. Corvus is right! TODAY IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

Mrs. Dixon: Beautiful and quiet !

Captain Boozic: Now I’m really going to punish him! I will drink HIS JAMESON IN FRONT OF HIM

Mrs. Dixon: Oh, an BTW. Black ball gags are niiiiiice!!

Captain Boozic: *coughs Jameson down the front of her*

Corvus: @%$# %&* $@@%$&*!

Captain Boozic: LMAO

Mrs. Dixon: I was actually going to say sit it just out of reach. So he can stare at it. But that works, too. Pass it over, wench.

Captain Boozic: Nope! If he wants he, he can come and get it..oh wait.

*pouts at Corvus* poor baby

I have a feeling this may come back to bite me in the ass later

Mrs. Dixon: Oh, ya think???????

Captain Boozic: Heheheeee.. Maybe.. IF WE untie him

Mrs. Dixon: I’m not rushing on that one.

Captain Boozic: Heheheheeee…It’s a good look for him, I think


Mrs. Dixon: And a nice perch for the birds


Captain Boozic: Corvus? Do you want me to take the ball gag out of your mouth?

Corvus: *Crow shits on head*

Captain Boozic: Are you nuts, woman!!!!!!

Corvus: *Nods head yes*

Captain Boozic: *kindly wipes the crow shit of Corvus’ head for him*

Mrs. Dixon: You think he’s learned his lesson? Cuz I’m not falling for some polite nod

Captain Boozic: If I take the gag out, you must say “The Captain is my goddess”

Mrs. Dixon: LOL!!

You know, I really am quite awake now. Wonder how that happened

Captain Boozic: Can you say that, Corvus? LOL…ME TOO! Men have that affect 🙂

Corvus: *Nods yes*

Mrs. Dixon: Some. Others I just want to push off a bridge 🙂

Captain Boozic: *removes ball gag…*

Corvus: Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Monday Morning!!!!!!!!



Corvus: @$%^$&*!!

Mrs. Dixon: See???


And I want a hat!

Mrs. Dixon: Woohoo!

Captain Boozic: A big hat! With a wide plume!

Mrs. Dixon: Of course

Captain Boozic: And today is the day we all say ARGH!!!

 Mrs. Dixon: Except Corvus. Cuz, ya know. Ball gag…

Corvus: *eyes glaze over*

Captain Boozic: Yep!

Corvus: *falls asleep*

Captain Boozic: *Pours water on Corvus’ head*


Corvus: *sound asleep*

Mrs. Dixon: And it’s NOT HAPPY!!!!!

Captain Boozic: *tickles nose with my plume*

Corvus: *falls into a darkened descent*

Captain Boozic: RELEASES THE ANTS!!!

Well! Cindy! I am off to watch TWD then email and social media! Adieu! And enjoy your Monday

*Leaves sign on Corvus that says, “Can’t hold his liquor”*


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