The Eladrin Stones: Chapter 7

“What is it?” Golgh asked.

Varghul listened for a moment and the clicking grew louder. Thick, white slime fell onto his shoulder.

“Uch!” He exclaimed, smearing the white ooze into his armor.

Varghul looked up just as another gob of slime slid onto his face and the clicking grew louder.

A flash of black as something with too many legs slithered by. Just as Golgh exclaimed, sticky web slapped him in the face and a swarm of spiders were upon them.

Benison withdrew his faith. “Mutilate them!” he shouted as if leading them into battle before promptly hiding behind Varghul who, in a wild state of insanity released numerous shots from his bow at the arachnids.

Spider guts flew. Splotch! Splotch!

“I’ve got it,” Golgh called and withdrew his not-so-huge bastard sword. After poking the spiders around for a bit, they all fell dead to the ground below with an unpleasant splat. Harry limbs stuck out every which way in a disorderly fashion that made Benison cringe.

“Harvest the bodies?” Golgh proposed throwing out his massive dragon chest.

“Harvest the bodies!” Benison cried and the three men scaled back down the giant glowing mushroom eager to collect their spoils.

“Hand me some jars, Golgh,” Varghul said and Golgh handed him a handful of jars.

Varghul promptly filled the jars with venom.

“What else do we have here?” Golgh said, turning over the bodies. “Spider silk!” he exclaimed and began measuring the strands as he braided the silk into rope. Fifty feet later, Golgh tied off the ends of a glistening rope of braided spider silk.

“Anything else?” Golgh asked as he examined the climb ahead.

“Mutilate the bodies!” Benison exclaimed and, a little too late, jumped into action and flailed his holy arms at the spiders. When he was done, he crammed the spider legs into his bag until hairy appendages stuck out all over the place.

“Are we set?” Varghul asked as Golgh fastened the spider silk rope to a grappling hook. Once, twice, thrice, he launched the hook with his kick-ass propelling device he just happened to have in his bag at this time. The hook held and once more, they began their ascent to the mushroom top.

“Into the darkness we ascend while shadows lurk all around us,” Benison narrated as he climbed. “Doom. It screamed from above, but that didn’t deter our brave adventurers to the secrets that awaited them at the to—”

“Hey, Benison,” Varghul said.

“Yes?” Benison looked down at Varghul.

“Do you mind holding off the narration, you know…Just in case something is waiting to kill us at the top?”

Benison obliged and they climbed to their doom.

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