The Cast

KALLAN            “I love this city…and its people.  And I know this,” Kallan said, “but through all the blood and the hate and the war I’ve lost my love for Lorlenalin.”  Kallan looked hard into Gudrun’s gold eyes. “I know I love Lorlenalin. I must. But I can no longer feel it. And I don’t care that I can’t feel it.” Kallan stared, wide-eyed at Gudrun for answers — for strength. “If I go to him,” Kallan said, “if I see the king who killed my father, I am afraid I will have so much hate that I will lose the last of what little I still feel.”



RUNE“We have a raging king on our tails with an eye for your head. The Dvergar are adamant to have you and avenge their kin! We’re nearly a fortnight away from home and the only company you have to look forward to until then,” Rune exhaled, “is me!”




  “Whoa!” Bergen had exclaimed, “You know I can’t afford to tarnish the disrespectful reputation I’ve been honing for centuries. What would Torunn think if she caught me being responsible with that?”


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