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Author: Linda Rawlins

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Religion/Christian/Catholic fiction

Books: The Bench, Fatal Breach, Sacred Gold from the The Rocky Meadow Mystery Series

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Linda RawlinsAuthor of Fatal Breach, The Bench, Sacred Gold

As a child, I loved to read, whenever and whatever I could get my hands on. I started to write my own “Nancy Drew” type mystery in fifth grade. As a student, I studied Biology in Vermont, Sciences and Literature in college and eventually became a physician. I enjoy writing mysteries that contain medical and light spiritual content. Either way, a good murder mystery is always fun.

My first book, The Bench, is set in the fictional town of Rocky Meadow, VT. The Rocky Meadow Mystery series then continues with Fatal Breach and Sacred Gold, although each book can be read as a stand-alone, just like your favorite episodes of a mystery show. Dr. Amy Daniels is a trauma surgeon who moves to Rocky Meadow, VT to escape family tragedy. There she meets, Father Michael Lauretta, the psychologist pastor of St. Francis church and Rocky Meadow Retreat Center. Together, they solve a mystery and search for a killer with the help of Katie, the church cook, Willow, a teenage millionaire, Father Victor, visiting priest from Chicago and Tony Noce, owner of Hasco’s Bar and Grill. In Fatal Breach, the characters become involved with cybercrime and a murder at a local soup kitchen. Sacred Gold is about gold treasure buried in the catacombs of the church. There is murder as well as a race to see who finds it first.

While solving crimes, the main characters deal with life, loss, starting over and developing an appreciation for the friends and loved ones in their lives.

Linda Rawlins lives in New Jersey with her family. When she is not working in medicine, she is writing.

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Author Accomplishments

In my real life, I work as a physician in hospice.

The Bench Blurb

The BenchMedical Murder Mystery – Rocky Meadow, Vermont, seemed to be a quiet little town until people started dying or showing up in the emergency room under mysterious circumstances. Dr. Amy Daniels is a trauma surgeon, who recently moved to Rocky Meadow after a family tragedy. There she meets Father Michael Lauretta, a psychologist priest who counsels troubled clergy and pastor of the famous Rocky Meadow Retreat House. Together, they save lives and souls and try to solve a mystery before they become the next target of a greedy killer. Will they be able to put a stop to this deadly rampage? The unexpected conclusion awaits in The Bench.


A great novel By bookcollecter on June 22, 2014
I loved this book for many reasons. The story was solid, believable, engaging, uncluttered and written with authority. The characters were well developed, from the major characters – doctor and priest, to the supporting cast, such as the young girl, who is left a sizable inheritance and has to deal with a destructive, self-serving father.

I found myself reading this without pause for hours on the day I picked it up. I guess this was because I was immersed in the story. I finished reading it with a lasting impression and for this reason will be buying Ms Rawlins next offering. She is a talented writer who manages to bring plot characters and story to live with ease.

Fatal Breach Blurb

FatalActing medical examiner, Dr. Amy Daniels and Father Michael Lauretta become entangled in murder at the local soup kitchen in

Burlington, Vermont. As their intricate relationship develops, they are drawn into a sinister plot as FBI Special Agent Marcus Cain pursues a deadly internet activist group, known as Shepherd Force. They soon learn, the cybercrime organization will stop at nothing to retrieve an illegal flash drive worth millions of dollars.


Sacred Gold Blurb

Sacred Gold CoverAn old journal, revealing hidden treasure at St. Francis Church, falls into the hands of acting medical examiner, Dr. Amy Daniels, and tests her faith in life, love, and trust. With the help of the church pastor, Father Michael Lauretta, they try to solve the century-old mystery. Before long, the two find themselves in the company of a trained Italian curator, desperate to ward off her greedy, possessive boss, who follows her to Vermont and intends to steal the treasure.
Against the backdrop of snowy Rocky Meadow, Vermont, bustling during the Christmas holidays, the remainder of the St. Francis family try to secure a new soup kitchen, only to find charity cannot escape tragedy. When arson and murder lead to a dark, dangerous chase in the catacombs of the church, they all join together to follow age-old clues and find Sacred Gold, before the treasure and more lives are lost forever.


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