Poem – Diamond-Gold

My perfect love who wasn’t

Inside me he beset

His lustrous stone of Diamond-Gold,

Which does not suffer rest.


That summer that we claimed,

— That summer I won’t name —

He fervently placed Diamond-Gold

Within my hollowed breast.


He came one night with words of love

He seeded there his stone;

The lustrous stone of Diamond-Gold,

Bound with ardent blood.


Each night I laid me down,

His Diamond-Gold would grow,

Until it grew to golden stone.

The weight, it held me down.


Through time I bore that stone.

Through pain that stone did grow,

And with it wanton, burning lust,

From a summer not forgot


Now I know of Diamond-Gold.

Its burdens hard to bear.

It sits as heat inside my breast

Disabling my breath.


For my love — my perfect love,

Forever I will bear

The pain and weight of that stone

Of his Diamond-Gold.

About the Author: Angela